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Application areas of cold rolled steel

Application areas of cold rolled steel

Railway vehicle

This uses high strength weathering steel and expands the use of cold rolled forming steel. According to the foreign statistics, there are 67 kinds of cold rolled steels applied in the railway vehicle, and the average consumption of each truck is 4.7 tons, which accounts for 20% of the weight of the vehicle. In China, there are 18 to 20 applications in varieties, and the average consumption of each truck 1.2 tons, which makes up for 5.2 percent of the weight of the vehicle. All the vehicles should make more use of cold rolled forming steel and take full advantages of its light, thin wall and high efficiency features.

Steel sheet pile

The steel sheet pile is widely used in foreign countries, mainly for river and coastal embankment, construction foundation and trench construction. However, China has no product standard for this or construction specification, thus, there is no application of cold rolled forming steel in this area. The hot rolled channel and steel are used for replacement. The next step will be to prepare the construction specifications and fill the gap in the market of Chinese steel sheet.

Cold rolled forming steel has a great potential in the machinery manufacture industry, especially in automobile manufacturing industry, but its development in China is limited. Areas including the carriage board, keel, car doors and Windows, drive shaft, the exhaust pipe, shock absorber, van girder, etc. haven‘t adopt this steel.

The steel structure

The steel structure is the largest user of cold rolled forming steel, and it is applied in the supporting frame of the construction material and the surrounding armor plate

Frame bar

The steel tube is the best pillar of steel structure, and its variety includes round tube: phi 21.3-610mm, t = 1.2-1.6 mm, standard specification 82; square pipe: 20 times 20-500 mm, t = 1.2-16mm, standard specification 101; rectangular tube: 30 times 20-600 x 400mm, t = 1.5-16mm, standard specification 170. 

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