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Classification of Volume Control Dampers ( VCD )

1. The split airtight multi-leaf control valve can be divided into two types: manual and electric. Due to the use of split blades, the air flow is more uniform, and the manual connecting rod can drive the blades to rotate to adjust the flow of air flow. Air cannot pass through. Because the edge of the blade is embedded with a sealing tape, the tightness can be ensured when it is closed, and it has the advantages of small resistance and small air leakage. Multi-leaf control valves are mostly installed in the main air duct and branch air ducts. The electric multi-leaf control valve is to install an electric actuator on the control valve drive spindle, turn on the power, and adjust the position of the actuator pointer to make it clockwise And rotate counterclockwise, and drive the valve leaf connected on the main shaft to open and close.

When the manual unloading button on the actuator is pressed, the manual regulating valve leaf can also be fully closed to fully open position.

The multi-leaf control valve with electric actuator is mostly installed at the air inlet of the new fan that is matched with the precision machine room air conditioner. The power line is interlocked with the motor of the fan in the unit, that is, when the fan of the unit is shut down, the fresh air pipe valve is also closed at the same time.

In winter, it will avoid cold air entering the unit to freeze the water in the heat exchanger after the fresh air blower is stopped. At the same time, it can also prevent outdoor air from entering the air duct after the fire automatic control device automatically cuts off the power supply of the blower after a fire occurs in the building. Increase the fire.

There are many specifications of multi-leaf control valves, which are generally installed on the air duct with the same cross-sectional dimensions as the air duct.

When using a manual multi-leaf control valve, when the air volume needs to be adjusted, adjust its blades to a certain angle and then fix it with a lock nut.

Electric actuators should choose products with small size, large torque, high control accuracy, high reliability and easy installation.

2. Butterfly valve Butterfly valve is simple in structure and easy to operate. It plays the role of opening and closing or adjusting the air volume, but the opening resistance is large and the regulating valve is large, and it is generally installed on the branch air duct that enters the precision computer room air conditioner.

According to the structure, the butterfly valve has two types: zipper type and handle type.

3. Three-way control valve The three-way control valve is mainly used for rectangular straight-through three-way pipes or trousers fork pipes. It can adjust the air volume of the branch pipeline. The three-way control valve has two types: handle type and pull rod type.

4. Plug-in valve The plug-in valve is mostly used at the outlet of the centrifugal fan to start the fan. It is also called the plug-in start valve. Because of the large opening resistance, it is rarely used in the ventilation and air conditioning pipes.

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