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Cold roll forming machine roll design and manufacturing features

Cold roll forming machine roll design and manufacturing features:

1. The principle of average force for each road, the average force of the rollers, wears and balance, could extend the service life of roll.

2. Orbit arc parts are the core parts of slippery course. After the first few moulding of circular arc, you should control the back pass rolling vertical edge through the roll up and down or cross, otherwise, the material in the process of drawing arc will change, R will shrink as triangles, steel ball is not in the end, thus to make noise sound, and when R is bigger, slide rail track is fuzzy, and uneven, causing slide rail deformation and shorten the service life.

3. The rolling stability problem. In production process, you often encounter the material runout from side to side which actually caused by bearing asymmetry of a single set of roller. If the left side force big, the deflection of materials will slide to the right side. The solution is:

A: Accurate calculation of the neutral layer in the deformation area, the accurate calculation of the material in the deformation area, and symmetrical roller.

B: the non-deformation area should be as low as possible.

C: before the material is bitten, the material should be adjusted to the front of the roll, and the material will glide smoothly before the pressure is stabilized.

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