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Partition Drywall Application

Partition wall application scope: office buildings: Class A and B smart office buildings, offices of provincial and municipal governments, office buildings of various national ministries and commissions, banks, securities and other financial, quasi-financial institutions, technology, and IT industries.

Public space: various exhibition venues, subway stations, airport terminals, passenger terminals, sports, competition venues, music, performance venues, hospitals, and universities.

Industrial buildings: Standardized industrial plants, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other plants, laboratories or R&D centers.

Commercial space: Supermarkets, stores, large department stores, specialty stores.

It can be seen that partition walls are not only applicable to offices. It is used in municipal government projects, exhibition venues, Pazhou Exhibition, car 4S shops, Audi showrooms, Mercedes-Benz showrooms, exhibition venues, the State Taxation Bureau, local taxation bureaus, large, medium and small meeting rooms, multifunctional halls, state-owned decoration companies, Star-rated hotels, office buildings, partition wall exhibition halls, office furniture exhibition halls, business office buildings, high-end villas, colleges and universities, banks, hospitals and large-scale enterprise unit control rooms, centralized control rooms, fine processing workshops

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