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Raw Material of File Cabinet and how to choose them?

The file cabinets we usually use are mainly used in offices. Metal filing cabinets are very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises or newly established enterprises. Then, what issues should be paid attention to for the materials of metal filing cabinets we buy?

In fact, the iron sheet material of the iron sheet file cabinet that consumers choose is best to choose the iron sheet that has been phosphated. It should be known that compared with other metal cabinets, file cabinets made of phosphating iron are used

The life span will be extended considerably. As for the materials of the iron file cabinet, the iron sheet that has been phosphated and has an electrostatic powder spraying process not only has a long service life, but is also not easy to be used.

During the process, rust and corrosion appeared.

Of course, when we have selected high-quality iron sheets, the cutting technology of the iron sheets also requires us to conduct strict inspections. Regardless of the size, shape, or daily use of the file cabinets made with high-precision shearing technology, the angle of the cabinet body will not be tilted, and the cabinet doors or drawers will not be deformed.

In addition, the metal file cabinet cabinet

The flatness of the body appearance also needs careful inspection. In other words, the edges and corners of the metal cabinet should be made in a 90-degree vertical form. When consumers buy tin cabinets, they can also use their hands

Touch the cabinet to see if it is smooth, delicate and shiny. And if there are micro particles, burrs, peeling paint or the paint gloss is relatively dim on the cabinet of the metal cabinet, it is best not to buy such a cabinet.

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