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Technical requirements of cold roll forming for car steel profiles

Technical requirements of cold roll forming for car steel profiles

When it comes to the cold roll forming of car steel profiles, there are some tips to facilitate your understanding:

1. Rich rolling processing parameters to produce high quality products;

2. The real CNC control system could solve the smooth and symmetric symmetry of the transition of different curvature of the workpiece.

3.The humanized control system, the flexible, the simple profile cold roll forming, the technical requirement of the car profile cold roll forming is easy to understand; fully addressing the reliance on skilled workers;

4. Compact structural design, the perfect combination of electromechanical fluids, reliable quality standards, and exemptions for your equipment maintenance concerns;

5. Exquisite mold design technology, perfect solve the wrinkling of the product, the quality problem such as scratch, distortion, invagination, meet your requirements for products of high quality;

6. Automatically calculate, reduce your material waste, pressure auto-adjust function, minimize energy, reduce your electricity bill;

7. Direct mode automatic conversion function, anti-collision interference protection, ensure the safety of the operation of the equipment, so that you can operate freely.

8. Centralize control circuit, extend the life of parts of the mechanical drive mechanism, make the machine run more stable.

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