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The importance of the straightening mechanism on the roll forming machine

In the process of roll forming, due to the combination of the stress generated by bending and the residual stress of the strip, the formed profiles often appear side bending, warping, and distortion. The best way to solve this problem is to install a straightening mechanism at the end of the roll forming machine, which can effectively solve various distortion problems, so the straightening mechanism is a very important part of the roll forming machine.

Common distortion methods:
Side bend: bend in the horizontal direction,
Warp: bend vertically
Twist: Spiral twist

The basic principle of straightening:
For side bending or warping, as long as the straightening mechanism exerts pressure in the opposite direction, when the strength of the straightening mechanism is adjusted to the right, it will produce permanent deformation, and the profile can be corrected. The straightening mechanism is generally installed between the last roll and the cutting device.

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