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What are the factors that determine the price of cold roll forming equipment

1. The level of complexity of the cold-formed forming equipment, that is, the level of complexity of the product profile you need to customize. If the profile you want is more complex, then the cold-bending machine that needs to be customized is also more complex. The more roll sets you need, the more you need The longer the cycle, the longer it will take to debug, and the after-sales problems will be more and more troublesome.

2. The size of the customized profile. If a piece of material is small, then the customized cold forming equipment will be relatively small, the roll material will be less, the whole machine will be relatively small, the steel used and various aspects The configuration will also be small. The price of the machine is relatively low. On the contrary, the price of the machine will increase the cost according to the size of the profile you want to customize.

3. Integrated automation level. This will also increase the cycle and debugging time of the machine, and the number of components to be added to the complete set of automatic lines will also increase, which will also increase the price of the complete set of equipment.

4. Your request for workpiece accuracy and external appearance. The higher the request in these areas, the higher the accuracy of the cold bending machine requested, and the more complicated it is. For example, the appearance of the profile you requested is high, the roll processing time is different, and the appearance needs to be polished or chrome plated, which will increase the cost of the roll.

5. The cost of after-sales service. These costs are generally considered based on the complexity of the machine, and the manufacturer will calculate the estimated cost of these costs. If the machine is more difficult, the after-sales cost of the manufacturer‘s budget will be higher.

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