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What are the ways to prevent the cold rolling mill from rolling out the roll gap

I don’t know if we can find out that when the cold rolling mill is used to roll different metal materials, due to the deformation of the metal under the effect of force, the stand and rolls of the cold rolling mill will also receive a certain effect force, and A certain deformation will also occur under the effect of force. In this way, it will cause the gap of the roll to be changed, which will also cause the size of the rolled piece to be changed.

Regarding this issue, we must pay attention to it. Assuming that we leave it alone, then this issue will get worse from time to time, which will cause great trouble. Therefore, when we plan the cold rolling mill, we need to think about this problem. In order to ensure its use effect as much as possible, we need to ensure that it has a satisfactory rigidity coefficient. Only in this way can the negative impact be minimized.

So, what factors will affect this coefficient? Under normal conditions, the structure and size of the cold rolling mill will affect its rigidity coefficient, especially the size of the roll system. We usually set the stiffness coefficient to a common value, and then the separation theory needs to stop adjusting. Of course, we can obtain the required stiffness coefficient through accounting methods. However, it still needs to be measured to obtain the theoretically required value.

When stopping the measurement, we can usually choose two different methods to end it, one of which is the rolling method and the other is the pressing method. In comparison, the latter is simpler. Just confirm its rigidity coefficient, then we can stop processing according to the expected request. In this way, we can also deal with the problem of the increase of the roll gap and the modification of the processed parts.

The above content provides us with a simple analysis of the main reasons for roll gap changes in cold rolling mills and preventive measures. I believe that after this introduction and analysis, we have a certain understanding of these contents, and hope that we can all handle this problem well.

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