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What is roll forming equipment?

The cold-formed forming equipment is a machine that is sequentially equipped with multi-pass forming rolls, which continuously twists the coils, strips and other metal plates to make the plastic processing technology of specific cross-section profiles.

Roll-type cold-bending forming equipment is when the metal strip passes through several pairs of perforated rollers in sequence, the strip is fed forward with the reversal of the rollers, and at the same time, it is successively bent to obtain the required cross-section. Shaped parts. It can be seen that roll forming is a continuous zigzag forming method. The forming conditions of the strips at different cross-sections of the second pair of rollers. The strip begins to bend and deform at the entrance of the roller, and moves forward at the same time. When it reaches the center section 4 of the roller, the forming in the second pair of rollers is completed, and it passes through the roller, and then enters The third pair of rollers.

Cold Roll Forming is a process in which the full length of the strip passes through a number of different holes in sequence, some of which are gradually twisted and deformed, and the full-sectional shape gradually approaches the shape of the finished product. Finally, a product with a full-length uniform cross-section is obtained. Plastic processing methods. The pass is formed by two or more forming rolls (also called rollers, rolls) with a certain shape. The forming rolls may be horizontal rolls or vertical rolls. Pass type is one of the important factors affecting product quality and productivity. The forming roll is installed on the frame, and the forming roll that drives the strip is driven by a motor through a transmission system. Generally, as long as the horizontal roll is an automatic roll, the vertical roll is often a forced roll. Each frame is called a forming machine, each forming machine is equipped with two or more forming rollers, and each row of forming units is composed of more than two forming machines.

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