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Coil Slitting Line

Heavy Gauge Steel Coil Slitting Line

KINGREAL heavy gauge steel coil slitting line is a production line consisting of decoiler, feeding, shearing & coil slitting, coiling and other equipment. Its main function is to c
ut coils and slit them into specified widths and quantities according to customer requirements.

  •  Working Process Of Steel Coil Slitting Machine

     Heavy Gauge Steel Coil Slitting Machine Description

    KINGREAL Heavy Gauge Steel Slitting Machine 
    is a production line consisting of Decoiler, feeding, shearing & coil slitting, coiling and other equipment. Its main function is to cut a wide sheet of steel strip of a certain size along the length direction in the length direction: for the future The rolling, welding, cold forming, stamping and other processes are used to prepare blanks; at the same time, the tools of different materials are replaced, and the steel strip slitting machine can cut various non-ferrous metal strips.

    thick gauge steel coil slitting line

    KINGREAL Steel Coil Slitting Line is a slitting machine that cuts and unwinds cold-rolled steel coiled sheets, stainless steel coiled sheets, galvanized steel sheets and color steel sheets into various sizes of fixed-length sheets. The standard configuration consists of the Heavy Gauge Steel Coil Slitting Line: loading trolley, unwinding machine, pallet pressing device, leveling main machine, storage bin, limit device, servo fixed length machine, peritoneal device, shearing machine, conveying table, pneumatic discharging rack , hydraulic lifting platform, unloading workbench, hydraulic system. Electrical control system and other components.

    The main components of the hydraulic system of the coil slitting line adopt Taiwan‘s high-precision components.

     Features Of KINGREAL Heavy Gauge Slitting Machine

    The fixed-length system is controlled by Japan‘s Yaskawa or Germany Lenze‘s fully-positioned servo system. The electrical control uses imported PLC program controller and touch screen for full-line control. It has the characteristics of high automation, good leveling quality, high cutting precision, high production efficiency, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenanceю.

    The precision steel coil slitting line is suitable for high-class precision sheet processing industry. This slitted product has low energy consumption, fast production speed and stable and reliable performance. Our products are guaranteed to meet the highest quality processing requirements in China.

    sheet coil slitting line

    This series of heavy gauge steel coil slitting lines 
    are used to uncoil, slit, and recoil different sizes of metal coils into coils of the required width and width for various rolling, cold forming products, pipe making and stamping production lines. The process provides a blank.

    It is suitable for processing all kinds of metal plates such as cold rolled sheet, galvanized plate, color coated plate, stainless steel plate, silicon steel plate and aluminum plate. Widely used in automotive sheet metal processing industries such as automobiles, containers, home appliances, food, packaging, and building materials. Stable performance; can be designed according to user‘s parameter requirements.

     More Detial Of KINGREAL Heavy Gauge Steel Coil litting line

    1. The thickness of the raw metal strip is between 2.0---16MM, and the width of the raw material is between 250--1250MM (coil slitting can be customer made).

    2. According to the inner diameter of the material roll, we can design and manufacture different Decoiler machines, which have manual expansion and contraction, hydraulic expansion and contraction, and a variety of pneumatic expansion and contraction.

    Before the roll machine, the diameter of the expansion and contraction cylinder is reduced, and after the raw material roll is put into the expansion and contraction cylinder, the diameter of the expansion and contraction cylinder is increased, and the raw material roll is fixed. If hydraulic unwinding is used, equipped with hydraulic feeding trolley, it can automatically expand and contract and automatically feed.
    coil slitting line
    metal coil slitter machine 3. Coil slitting line main machine is composed of guiding device, upper and lower cutting shaft, fixed arch and activity arch, lifting mechanism, transmission mechanism, power mechanism and speed reduction mechanism. It can be adjusted according to the thickness and width of the board.

    4. Edge wire material winding machine, can cut the edge of the wire after the material, centralized winding up, save the stacking space, and ensure the continuity of the operation of the host. At the same time, it is designed with automatic left and right wire arrangement.

    5. Tension generating station, divided into manual, hydraulic and pneumatic, etc., the role is to ensure that many strips after slitting, smoothly arranged into the winder, and the tension is generated for the winding machine to receive the neatness.
    6. Recoiler machine, also known as rewinding machine, coiler, etc., the main role is to cut many small strips after the cut, neatly and compactly into many small volumes. It is equipped with a lifting and lowering arm. There are a variety of ways to expand and contract, and at the same time, it can be equipped with a unloading trolley to automatically remove many small rolls on the winder. The seamless structure can be selected according to the needs, equipped with a pusher plate, and can also be designed as an automatic correcting mechanism, which is easy to operate;

    7. Electronic control system and hydraulic system, electric speed control can be slip positive and negative speed regulation, frequency control, but also for full DC Continental 590 system control, PLC programmable controller, touch screen display length, speed and output Wait.

    8. The entire Steel coil slitting production line has the advantages of high precision, reasonable structure, easy to use, and simple maintenance. It is divided into simple, semi-automatic and fully automatic knots.
    metal slitting line

    The usage of the Coil Slitting line:

    sheet metal slitting machine

    The steel coil slitting line is mainly used for the slitting action of the metal strip through the slitting machine, and the whole coil material can be cut into various strips of various specifications, and the plurality of strips can
    be re-wound into a roll.

     KINGREAL Technical Team

    KINGREAL has a professional technical team with more than 25 years of relevant experience from the drawing design to the manufacturing of Coil Slitting Machine, from design - production - installation - after-sales, our team has an excellent standard. 

    We has established the localized technical support team in Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India and etc.. Localized service points in other countries are also in progress.

    technical team

    After-Sales Services

    Services are always highly considered by us, in addition to establishing a complete remote service system, localized after-sales service is also what we have been insisting on doing. The global localization service point is under construction.

    after sale
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