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Coil Slitting Line

Steel Coil Slitting line - Thin steel Sheet

KINGREAL high speed series disc slitting line and slitting unit is a continuous production line consisting of uncoiler, pinch initial correction, main coil slitting machine and recoil.

  • Basic procedure of the Thin sheet Steel Coil Slitting Line:

    The coil is hoisted from the coil store to the coil preparation device, and then sent to the uncoiler drum by the steel coil trolley. The coil is opened to fix the coil on the reel, the strap is removed, and the unwinding device is used.

    The lead is introduced into the pinch device, through the side guide of the looper, the disc is cut and cut (trimmed), the edge wire is collected by the edge machine, and the strip is fed through the looper and the tension table. The winding jaws can be produced in conjunction with the belt.

    light gauge steel coil slitting line

    Technical Specification of High speed Coil Slitting line

    First, equipment technical data

    1. Specifications
    a. Applicable materials: cold rolled plate, color plate, galvanized plate, pickled roll
    b. Material quality: domestically produced genuine steel or international standard steel
    c. Tensile strength: δb≤450Mpa, δS≤260Mpa,
    d. Material thickness: 0.5-3mm
    e. Material width: 600-1600 (Max)
    f. Steel coil inner diameter: φ470-520
    g. Steel coil outer diameter: φ1600mm (Max)
    h. Coil weight: 15T (Max)
    i. Vertical scissors shaft diameter: φ200 Material: 40Cr
    j. Vertical scissors: φ200Xφ340X20
    k. Vertical scissors material: 6CrW2Si
    l. Maximum number of branches: 30

    2. Finished slitted product parameters:

    1. Width accuracy: ≤ ± 0.05mm
    3. Other parameters of the equipment:
    a. Power: 380V/50Hz/3Ph
    b. Line speed: 0-120m/min
    c. Installed capacity: 200 Kw
    d. Production line area (approx.): length 28mX width 8m
    e. Production operators: 1 skilled worker and 2 general workers
    f. Production line direction: from right to left (the console is facing the unit)
    g. Equipment color: white gray
    Second, the coil slitting line equipment composition

    ■Hydraulic loading trolley
    ■Hydraulic expansion and discharge rack
    ■Pinch and leveling mechanism
    ■Hydraulic cross cutting machine
    ■Small heavy head
    ■Storage looper I
    ■ Lateral positioning device
    ■ slitting host
    ■Receiving waste wire device
    ■Storage Looper II
    ■Pre-separation tension damping device
    ■Hydraulic fixed length shear
    ■Hydraulic winding host
    ■Hydraulic unloading trolley
    ■Hydraulic control system
    ■Electronic control system

    thin sheet coil slitting main machine

    Features and Process for the kingreal high speed coil slitting machine:

    1. kingreal high speed series high-speed precision slitting and slitting unit adopts programmable design, which automatically switches the working mode of the production line according to the nature of the plate, which can obviously improve the production efficiency and reduce the maintenance frequency.
    2. The expansion and contraction hydraulic cylinder of the hanging material unwinding machine and the winding machine adopts one-piece design, and the failure rate is low.
    3. The high-efficiency disc tension brake combination is arranged on the main shaft of the uncoiler, slitting main machine and winder, which is adjusted by the air pressure circuit, and automatically brakes the brakes under certain conditions to avoid the looseness of the steel coil. Take off.
    4. The pinch feeder actively feeds and can automatically run synchronously with the production line.
    5. The slitting main machine adopts the integrated base and the separate transmission structure, which can effectively improve the rigidity of the mechanical structure, reduce the vibration amplitude of the longitudinal scissors and improve the quality of the finished product.
    6. The vertical plane shear axis reference plane amplitude accuracy is within 0.006mm, which can better extend the tool life and ensure the precision of the finished product.
    7. The crimping wire adopts tension type winding and is equipped with a slip structure, which can effectively improve the stability of mechanical operation.
    8. The direct pressure type tension damping structure adopts the wool felt with good elasticity and high wear resistance coefficient as the fabric to ensure smooth operation during the production of the equipment; in addition, it is equipped with a pressure balance device to balance the pressure on both sides of the pressure receiving surface.
    9. Separate press mechanism adopts hydraulically configurable back pressure combination to stabilize the pressure, automatically rises as the coil diameter increases, and always effectively presses the coil.
    10. The self-tension design of the finished product winding can improve the tightness of the finished product winding.

    high speed steel coil slitting line

    Features of KINGREAL steel coil slitting line:
    1. KINGREAL high speed series disc slitting and slitting unit is a continuous production line consisting of unwinding, pinch initial correction, slitting and winding.
    2. The main function is to cut the raw steel coil longitudinally into the finished steel coil of the required width, and prepare the blank for the processes of rolling, welded pipe, cold forming, stamping and the like.
    3. By changing the tools of different materials, you can cut a variety of non-ferrous metal strips.

    thin panel coil slitting line

    Process flow and characteristics Overview The steel coil is transported from the steel coil warehouse to the steel coil preparation device, and then sent to the unwinder reel by the steel coil trolley. The reel is opened to fix the steel coil on the reel, and the bundle is removed. With the unwinding device, the belt is introduced into the pinching device, conveyed to the coarse correction, through the side guide centering, strip cutting (cutting), looping, tension winding, and cutting. 2) Adaptable materials: cold rolling, electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, aluminum-zinc plating, electrical steel, coated plate, stainless steel.

    thin panel sheet slitting line

    Features of kingreal steel coil slitting line:
    In order to ensure the long-term stability of product performance, the key components of this equipment are imported products such as bearings, blades, cutter shafts, and receiving reels. The domestic processing and procurement parts adopt the highest technical standards among domestic counterparts.

    a. Automatic feeding centering function;
    b. The unwinding function assisted by the trolley;
    c. Ultrasonic detection unwinding tension automatic control system;
    d. Unwinding reel prevents inner ring crease function;
    e. The movable platform lifts the convenient board and the automatic tailing function;
    f. Hydraulic lock knife and knife shaft anti-jump function; line out knife, test knife;
    g. The side wire collects the function; the fine side wire does not stop the winding function;
    h. Constant tension winding function;
    i. Automatic positioning function of the winding jaws;
    j. fixed length slitting function;
    k. Full-line linkage single operation;

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