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High Precision Metal Sheet Straightener Machine

Are you in search of a high-precision metal plate straightening machine capable of leveling coils with varying materials and thicknesses? Share your specifications with us, and KINGREAL will craft a tailored design solution just for you!

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    Description Of Metal Sheet Straightener Machine

    KINGREAL high precision metal sheet straightener machines are designed to level different types of raw materials, including different metal sheets and metal mesh, through the staggered arrangement and rotation of multiple sets of leveling rollers on rollers.

    steel straightening machine

    With the increasing demand of the metal processing industry, the requirements for the leveling process of raw materials also continue to provide, KINGREAL in order to meet the production needs of customers, can provide a variety of different leveling machine, including ordinary leveling machine, thick plate metal straightener machine and roller leveling machine.

    KINGREAL will provide professional design and high quality production process if you need. Contact us now!

    Technical Specification

    Coil Width 400-2200MM
    Roller Diameter 60MM
    Coil Thickness 6MM(max)
    Leveling Speed 0-12M/Min
    Voltage 380V 50HZ
    Applicable Object Metal Processing

    Featured About Sheet Leveler Machine

    Excellent leveling precision: The machine achieves extremely high leveling precision because of the even force distribution on the leveling rollers, strong structural integrity, and minimal deformation.

    Excellent surface quality: the plate has a smooth, high-quality surface following precise leveling.

    Low noise and smooth transmission: The leveling machine operates smoothly thanks to a well-designed transmission system, which also lessens noise during operation.
    metal sheet straightener

    Production Principles About Metal Straightener

    Leveling rollers: By exerting pressure and bending on the plates, many sets of rollers are positioned in staggered rows to accomplish leveling.
    The drive system, which rotates the leveling rollers, is typically composed of a motor and a transmission mechanism.
    Control system: A PLC control system can be employed to precisely modify the pressure and positioning of the leveling rollers to accommodate varying plate thicknesses and materials.
    sheet metal straightening

    Final Product Display

    sheet metal leveling machine

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