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Drywall Partition Systems Roll Forming Line

Drywall Studs and Trucks Profiles Roll Forming Line

Stud and Track Roll forming Machine used for manufacturing steel framing components

One of the most common building and construction materials is the steel stud and track.  The stud and track roll forming machine that is used to form these steel studs and track is the “Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine".  

  •  Drywall Stud And Track Roll Forming Machine

     Stud and Track Machine Successful Projects in Global

    steel stud forming machine

     Machine Description

    Stud and Track Roll forming Machine used for manufacturing steel framing components.

    metal stud framing machine

    One of the most common building and construction materials is the steel stud and track.  The stud and track roll forming machine that is used to form these steel studs and track is the “Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine“.  The common configuration includes advanced features such as automatic material thickness (gauge) control and material handling systems.  Production speed as much as 120m/min  the fabrication of studs and tracks must roll out without failure.  The rollfromer is an integral part of the success of any stud supplier and is often the heart of the operation.


     Benefits of Steel Framing for Drywall

    Industrial building and construction projects rely on drywall steel stud systems.  The quick installation and light weight characteristics of steel framing makes this an ideal product.  Many job site forming machines lack the ability to produce stud and track to the right tolerances.  

    The installation of drywall requires the use of the correct drywall tools.  These tools are engineered to match standard stud sizes used in commercial building.   The drywall machine, or rollformer, must continuously produce the same sizes regardless of the steel coil used.
    steel stud framing

     Technical Structure for Stud and Track Roll Forming Machines

    The most common installation for stud and track roll forming machines include a number of auxiliary equipment.  This equipment aids in the forming of the sheet metal into the correct studs and channels.  The equipment required in rollform studs includes;

    1. Uncoiler
    2. Flatenner
    3. Sheet Metal Lubricator
    4. Pre-cut Dies
    5. Pre-notching Press
    6. Rolling Mill
    7. Roll Tolling Stands
    8. Post Cut Press
    9. Flying Cut-off
    metal stud machine

    Raw Material GI Strip
    Coil Thickness 0.3-1MM
    Woking Speed About 40-120M/Min
    Roll Forming Main Motor Power 18.5KW
    Hydraulic Station Motor Power 11KW
    Width Adjustable Servo Motor 1.8KW
    Power Supply AC415V, 50HZ
    Total Power 40KW

     Stud And Track Machine Feature

    Raw Material Decoiler

    a. Power: no power, passive type
    b. Max. Loading Capacity: 1.5ton
    c. Material Inner diameter: φ480mm-φ520mm
    d. Max material external Diameter: <φ1200mm
    decoiler machine
    Main Roll Forming Machine

    a. Machine frame: the machine frame is fused together into a single piece structure using steel panels. Following fine processing by the planomiller, one panel with a thickness of 20 mm will be installed on the frame. This will guarantee the fundamental size accuracy. Moreover, it will strengthen the machine to lessen the impact of deformation.

    b. Archway panel: separate construction and blackening procedure for surface.
    main roll forming machine
    Fly Punching & Fly Shearing

    A high-efficiency hydraulic system with energy storage and environmental protection is used in the hydraulic parts. Additionally, it has an air conditioning system and uses hydraulic components made by Taiwanese brands.

    b. Fly Shearing System Fly Punching
    The system consists of a fly shearing and fly punch system. Set the output speed to high.
    For the fast production, there will be two fly punching stations.
    fly punching fly shearing‘

     Option Accessories

    Many installations operate at very high speeds.  For stud and track roll forming it’s common to reach line speeds of 500fpm or more.  For the overall operation to be successful manufacturers must keep in mind the post production requirements.

     As the forming machine discharges the stud at a high speed material handling equipment is required to stack and package the steel sticks in to bundles.  Automated conveyor systems such as the following are typically required.
    package machine

    Software Control System: Reduce scrap metal and overstocked material

    stud and track

    Integrating the rollforming machine in to your material handling software is critical to minimizing material waste.  These two systems can ‘speak’ to each other in such a way that loading of specific coils and steel material types are selected.  Having automated features within the roll former such as, auto web width, auto material thickness and auto flange height greatly increase the build to order process.  With pulse generators and photo eye alignment sensors throughout the rolling mill PLC programs constantly monitor the high speed operation of the line.

     Reference Drawing

    steel stud framing

     Quality Insurance

    KINGREAL  has established a strict quality control process to ensure that every production step meets the standards and requirements. This  includes raw material procurement, production process, assembly, testing, etc. To ensure that every part of the machine meets quality standards. 
    It has also passed the international CE certificate certification.

    stud roll forming machine

     Installation Service  

    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services.

    1. Online installation guide
    -  Photos and videos of machine will be sent
    - Online group will be initiated to discuss together
    - Regular video conference be held to keep communication and contacting

    2.  Local installation
    KINGREAL will arrange engineers to go abroad to install the machine at the customer‘s place to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and will provide all technical guidance. Exact costs to be negotiated.

    technical team

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