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Types of Roof Tiles

There are many different factors to consider when choosing roof tiles, but for inexpensive mulch that requires minimal maintenance, the two most popular options are clay and concrete. At the same time, natural slate is very tasteful, and metal roof tiles have a long service life.


Below is a more comprehensive overview of the different roof tile types that hopefully will help you make a better choice.


Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are very popular and have been used for thousands of years. They are commonly used because they look good and provide strong protection from the elements. An absorption rate of only 6% means they absorb less water than concrete and remain lightweight.


While many manufacturers offer a 30-year warranty on clay bricks, generally you can expect to get about 50-60 years of wear and tear before you need to consider replacing your clay bricks.


Concrete roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles dominate the UK market and have seen a surge in popularity over the past 50 years. They adapt well, and the lower price point makes them attractive, especially for developers.


You can expect concrete bricks to last between 50-60 years, however, they are much heavier than clay bricks. Using concrete tiles will give you a low maintenance finish. These tiles are also fire resistant, which will reduce the damage a fire can cause to your property.


Metal Roof Tiles

Metal roofing tiles are available in a variety of options, including zinc, aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel. And the metal roof tiles are produced by The  Roof Tile Making Machine, which can tend to last 40-70 years and are very durable.

They are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, however, they can cost three times as much as alternative roofing materials and can be noisy in extreme weather conditions.


In addition, there are lightweight roof tiles, recycled roof tiles and interlocking roof tiles. If you want to know more about the roof tile or the roof tile making machine, welcome to visit our website.

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