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What are the types of Aluminum Baffle Ceiling Surface Coating?

In order to use aluminum baffle ceiling for a long time, many factories, such as KINGREAL MACHINERY will choose to spray powder or film when producing products.


Next, we will mainly introduce the different types of coating powders:


1. Indoor coating powder:

Composed of epoxy, polyester, imported titanium dioxide, etc., it has strong decorative properties, excellent anti-yellowing resistance, and can provide original coating with a ten-year quality guarantee.

 2N1 coating decorative with weather resistance

3N1 coating decorative with heavy metal free

4N1 coating decorative with heavy metal free and anti-corrosion

All-in-one coating decorative + weather resistance + heavy metal free + anti-corrosion + antibacterial


Outdoor coating powder:

Weather-resistant coating is a polyester powder, and can provide a ten-year quality guarantee for outdoor use.

Secondary post-resistant coating Composed of special polyester, 12-year quality guarantee for outdoor

The three-level post-resistant coating is composed of polyurethane, which has better corrosion resistance and can provide fifteen-year quality assurance for outdoor use.

Four-level post-resistant coating belongs to fluorocarbon powder coating, and can provide 20-year quality guarantee for outdoor


3. Imported coating powder

DuPont powder can provide the required powder according to customer requirements;

Akzo powder can provide the required powder according to customer requirements.


4.  professional coating powder

Medical coating eliminates strains such as E. coli and Gluconobacter aureus

High temperature resistant coating can withstand 300°C high temperature;

Wear-resistant coating with extra hard additives, the hardness can reach more than 3H;

Screen coating Special production, fully meet the requirements of screen projection;

The anti-corrosion coating is made of heavy-duty anti-corrosion materials and special processes, and the anti-corrosion effect reaches the standard

Art texture coating has artistic effects such as sand pattern, wrinkle, water pattern, reticulate pattern, etc.

Metal coating can be made into gold, silver, pearl, glitter, electroplating and other metal effects.


5. Other surface coating:

Paint roller coating, metal wire drawing, paint spraying, PVC coating, metal titanium and aluminum can be customized according to customer needs.

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