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What is the cost of powder coating?

Whether you are a manufacturer, a paint shop or an entrepreneur considering a new business as a powder coating, a common question is how much powder coatings cost.

As we all know, the cost of any commodity is not static and will fluctuate up and down under the influence of various internal and external factors. Therefore, this article will also analyze the factors affecting the cost of powder coatings from the following aspects, hoping to help everyone better grasp the cost of powder coatings.

Powder coating room type

The powder spray booth will correctly filter out the powder when you are powder spraying, so that you can maintain compliance and safety during powder spraying.

The price of the powder spray booth will vary according to the size of the powder spray booth and the type of powder spray booth you ultimately choose.

The two main forms of powder coating booths are recycling and non-recycling powder coating booths. Non-recycling powder booths are more economical powder booths.

 Powder coating oven

When considering the cost of starting powder coating, the powder coating furnace you choose is usually the most expensive equipment cost.

 Two common oven options for curing powder coatings are infrared and convection ovens. In order to estimate the cost of powder coatings, most manufacturers will consider using standard convection batch ovens for powder coatings.

Surface treatment equipment

Usually, you must prepare the surface of the product before powder coating. Depending on your powder coating, whether there is anything on the surface of the previous powder coating, and whether the surface is pre-treated before the powder coating, your preparation for the product surface will vary greatly.

However, if you plan to remove existing paint or need to create contours, you usually need a way to properly prepare the product surface before powder coating. This usually requires a sandblasting tank or a sandblasting cabinet. The choice of surface treatment equipment will also directly affect the cost of powder coating.

Powder spraying equipment

The fourth factor related to powder coating costs is powder coating equipment. To apply powder coatings, powder coating guns and systems are usually required to provide powder coatings.

Provide an effective system for small batch production, which can effectively recoat the previously coated product and effectively deal with problems such as corner areas.


Metal cleaning or pretreatment

Not all powder coating applications involve pretreatment of metals before powder coatings, but sometimes you may consider increasing the ability to properly clean the product and using solutions such as iron phosphate to enhance its rust resistance.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways. If you have to consider the washing process before powder coating, it requires a lot of cost investment due to permits, dipping tanks and similar factors.


Compressed air

The last cost to consider is compressed air. Compressed air will be used to prepare the powder for spraying by powder spray equipment. Compressed air is also required for sandblasting. Compressed air may also be one of the biggest expenses.

The compressor will provide enough CFM air for sandblasting or powder operations.

Finally, I hope the above information can help you understand the cost estimation of powder coatings.


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