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Why choose Sound Baffle?

When acoustically treating large spaces with high ceilings, sound absorbing baffles is produced
 by Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Making Machine, which have become the preferred choice. Because sound baffle can provide a larger surface area for absorption, they can be positioned at different heights and require less labor to install.

In very tall spaces, metal ceilings made of steel deck or concrete are often encountered. In other words, these building materials are considered to have a low absorption coefficient. Sound baffle is highly reflective and do not absorb sound very well. Baffles are particularly effective because they absorb direct sound from sound sources, reflections from higher parts of ceilings and walls.


These two physical characteristics of a room will increase the amount of time a particular sound remains audible, even after the original sound source has ceased. When sound travels toward the ceiling, it encounters these highly reflective surfaces. Only a very small amount of energy is absorbed by the surface, giving the sound waves enough energy to continue propagating through the room.

How does the baffle function to absorb sound?


Baffle mostly work like other ceiling or wall mounted acoustic baffle. Sound energy penetrates the panels, causing tiny glass wool fibers within the core to vibrate. There vibrations create friction between the fibers, creating a tiny amount of heat that is quickly dissipated throughout the panel and converting acoustic energy into heat.


Other benefits


Another benefit is that the acoustic baffle is suspended in the free space of the room. This is where sound waves travel the fastest. Placing sound absorb in these areas will reduce sound energy before it reflects off parts of the wall or ceiling.

Especially if they are installed at staggered heights. Hanging baffles from the ceiling provides and effective alternative in rooms where mounting baffle to wall surface may not be suitable.


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