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The new style of the Shelf Reinforce bar making machine

KINGREAL Shelf equipment, shelf roll forming machine is widely used for cold bending of storage shelves, supermarket shelves, heavy-duty shelves, and other profiles.

KINGREAL offer full solution for the shelving’s system including machines as following:

shelf panel forming machine,Rack back panel roll forming machine,
shelf column forming equipment,
shelf beam (replacement beam) cold bending machine,
shelf step beam (P beam) automatic production line,
shelf reinforcement bar equipment,
shelf label slot production equipment,
shelf universal Angle steel bar production equipment,
Shelf upright making machine.

Shelf panel roll forming machine is one of our most featuring products, and it is featured with fully automatic production, width adjustable, automatic notching, and perforating, auto shearing, and bending, easy to operate, etc.

With most advance servo feeder driving technology, this machine can be set in 10 minutes or less to produce different width shelf rack panels. 



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