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There are some deft design of Multi Stations roll forming machine with high performance

KINGREAL Multi Stations roll forming machine is a fully automatic production line for 2-3 different roll forming machines on the same machine frame.  


The multi stations roll forming machine is specially designed for the production of C channel profiles, U channel profiles, Z channel profiles, TDC flanges profiles and etc. We can also design the machine according with customers’ requirements. 

The machine software is self-developed and the profiles can be produced according different length and orders. The machine includes uncoilers, straighteners, main roll forming machines and output tables.

Machine Features:

Compact solution

KINGREAL multi station roll forming machine is a compact solution for producing different profiles on one machine. The machine is featured with space saving, easy to maintenance and easy to control. The two or three roll forming machine can share the same software and interface to achieve production by order and different length, quantity.



Flexible solution

With its rich experiences on cold roll forming equipment manufacturing, KINGREAL uses the modular design concept to ensure the standardization of equipment parts to achieve fast production delivery. The parts in the production process are completed on the automatic machining center. Reduce human dependence and ensure the sustainability of equipment quality.

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