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Advantages of Light Steel Villa

Light steel villas are becoming more and more popular, so what are their advantages? The following KINGREAL will introduce the features of light steel villa, hope it can help you know more about light steel villas.

The advantages of light steel villa are as follows:
1.Thermal insulation
Light steel villa adopts energy-saving system, filling glass wool as thermal insulation material in the wall keel grid, and using extruded polystyrene thermal insulation board or polyurethane thermal insulation material in the outer wall, avoiding the phenomenon of "cold bridge" in the wall.

2. Sound insulation
Light steel villa consists of light steel keel, sound insulation material composed of wall, floor and roof system, its sound insulation effect is very good. KINGREAL Light Gauge Steel Framing Forming Machine is designed for producing steel structure light steel villa house with high speed. It is the best choice for light steel villa production.

The light steel wall can adjust the humidity of indoor air; the roof has the function of ventilation, which can form a healthy air circulation space over the interior of the roof to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation needs of the residence.

The structural components of light steel structure villa are built with high-strength aluminium-plated zinc light steel keel, which effectively avoids the rusting of steel components in the process of use and has a long service life.

Light Steel Villa roll forming machine

Light steel villa house adopts advanced light steel main structure, its structural keel and internal maintenance materials using galvanised self-tapping screws tightly connected, between the keel using a large number of seismic connectors, reinforced to form a very strong "plate rib structural system", this structural system has a stronger seismic and resistance to horizontal load capacity, suitable for earthquake intensity This structural system has a stronger ability to resist earthquakes and horizontal loads, and is suitable for areas with higher seismic intensity.

6. Resistance to wind and snow
The light steel building structure of assembled light steel house has good overall performance and high strength of components, which can withstand larger snow pressure and resist stronger hurricane winds, so that the whole building system can be effectively guaranteed.

7.Anti-insects and ants
The use of aluminium-zinc-plated steel, both anti-corrosion, but also not subject to the invasion of termites and other insect pests, to improve the service life of the house and reduce maintenance costs.

8.Fast construction speed
The construction of light steel villa is highly industrialised and fast, which greatly shortens the construction cycle compared with traditional construction.

Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

9. Wide scope of application
The building load-bearing system of light steel villa adopts light steel structure, its own weight is light, suitable for building in all kinds of geological conditions foundations and 5-storey building, can greatly reduce the cost of foundation construction, standardised residential system construction operations by the weather and seasonal influence less, and can be factory production and on-site installation in parallel, can be in a variety of climatic conditions, to achieve the year-round uninterrupted construction. Widely used in private villas, new rural construction, resettlement houses, libraries, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and other places. With the rise of demand, there are more and more light steel keel villa manufacturers to buy Kingreal Light Gauge Steel Roll Forming Machine to improve production speed. If you have a requirement to upgrade your production, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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