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Brief Introduction Of Shelf Upright

The shelving upright is a vertical columnar structure that supports the shelf beams and shelves, which can be manufactured by KINGREAL Shelf Upright Roll Forming Machine. And it is a metal material(such as steel) Through the production process of cold bending forming and punching, with a certain degree of strength and stability to with stand the weight of the goods on the shelves.

shelf post making machine

The height of shelf columns can be adjusted according to the need to adapt to different heights of goods storage. The design and installation of shelf columns are crucial to the stability and load-bearing capacity of the shelves.

Column is the main component of all shelf types, are playing a huge role, different shelf types used column material and shape is different. Conventional warehouse shelving columns used in the plate thickness of 2.0mm, the raw material for the production of columns is longitudinally sheared strip, the first whole roll in the automatic punching machine punched the required hole shape, and then put it into the spare area waiting for the material, columns of the material and roll forming at the same time to complete.

Warehouse shelving column hole type has diamond-shaped holes, butterfly holes, oblique eight holes,etc., different hole type to a certain extent will affect the load-bearing capacity of the shelves, the general diamond-shaped holes in the column load-bearing capacity is much stronger. Light shelves and medium-sized shelves mainly use butterfly holes, heavy-duty shelves mainly use diamond-shaped holes.

Shelving Upright Post Forming Machine

Warehouse racking columns can be 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, etc., according to the user‘s own characteristics and needs. Warehouse racking columns and horizontal and diagonal braces screwed into a whole for the column piece, there are many racking manufacturers will be welded column piece, no need for on-site assembly. A group of shelves need two column pieces, but two adjacent groups of shelves can share a column piece, which also has the main sub-shelf between the industry.

The main shelf has two column pieces, while the sub-shelf has only one column piece, need to be attached to the neighboring shelf column, a row of shelves must have a main shelf, the rest of the shelves can be sub-shelf. As the sub-shelf has one less column piece, the price will be reduced accordingly, when purchasing shelves, the more the number of sub-shelves, the lower the purchasing cost.

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