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Characteristics of Aluminum Linear Strip Ceiling

1. Beautiful appearance and flexible matching
Aluminum linear strip ceilings not only have fashionable and diverse appearances and clear and smooth lines, but also can be flexibly matched with different panel sizes, which can provide designers with more design ideas when using aluminum linear strip ceilings and create a good decorative effect. The linear strip ceiling auto production line produced by KINGREAL can help you produce different shape of linear strip ceiling panels such as C-shape and G-shape easily, obviously, our machine can meet your diverse production needs.

2.Simple structure, easy to install and uninstall
Linear tile is a standard keel snap structure, the appearance is flat, simple structure, when installing, you only need to hang the keel according to the horizontal line, and then snap the boards on it, and it is also easy to disassemble and maintain. The keel specially used for installation has fixed modulus of card teeth, the same keel, applicable to a variety of board size for flexible matching, can provide consumers with more design ideas and decorative effects.

3.Fireproof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating
Sticking non-combustion-supporting sound-absorbing paper or sound-absorbing cotton on the back of the Linear tile can achieve better sound-absorbing effects. It not only plays a decorative role, but also has the functions of sound absorption, heat preservation, fire prevention, and moisture resistance. No matter you want to produce high quality linear strip ceiling panel or stick a acoustic cotton on your ceiling panel, KINGREAL both can solve your problems. We have a complete suspended metal ceiling solution, make your production process efficient and easy.

4.Strong practicality, wide range of applications
The aluminum linear ceiling is practical, can be widely operated with senior office buildings, airports, banks and exhibition halls and other different types of places of use, and in various places can play a good decorative effect with a set of aesthetic and practicality in one role.

The above is about the characteristics of aluminum linear ceiling and why it is popular. Aluminum linear ceiling as one of the new materials of modern building materials, not only has a beautiful appearance and also has good practicality, compared with the traditional building materials, linear strip ceiling has incomparable advantages, and at the same time, in the modern construction and decoration industry it is also gradually replacing some of the traditional materials used in the public‘s field of vision.

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