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Features Of Hook On Panel Aluminum Ceiling:

Hook On Panel belongs to one of the products of suspended ceiling system. KINGREAL MACHINERY as a professional panel equipment manufacturer, can provide relative production line for customers. Then, compared with other common ceiling tile, the main advantages of hook on panels include those?


1. More General. The modern non-standard aluminum panels popular structural scheme, will be standardized aluminum ceiling.

2. Simple structure. This structure is 1 way parallel keel hook on structure.

3. Strong customer spelling, the splicing between the board and the board is through the keel orderly lap folded together, the unique hook design of the board edge, can well control the activity between the board, so as to ensure the gap between the panel and the panel more tightly flat.

4. Convenient maintenance, this structure for maintenance support has a unique access design, without affecting the appearance of beauty, to ensure the overall unity of the ceiling beautiful.

5. flexible materials, compared with the dark bone square structure, the thickness of this structure plate 1.2 to 3.0mm size specifications can be selected according to the site design, greatly compensate for the limitations of the dark bone structure.

6. flexible punching style, can provide any aperture, hole distance for free combination with sound-absorbing paper, to meet different sound-absorbing effect design requirements.

7. Strong wind proof and high security, each fast board is designed and installed with windproof card code, suitable for outdoor decoration.

8. Wide range of application, suitable for corridors, ticket halls, courtrooms, passages, etc.

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