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How Much Do You Know About Light Steel Keel?

1.What is light steel keel
Light steel keel is a metal frame for construction made of high-quality continuous hot-dip galvanized strip as raw material and rolled by cold bending process. It is used to decorate non-load-bearing walls and building roofs with lightweight boards such as gypsum board and decorative gypsum board. It is suitable for the modeling decoration of roofs of various buildings, the basic materials of internal and external walls of buildings and scaffolding ceilings.

2.What are the types of light steel keel
(1)According to the purpose, it can be divided into hanging light steel keel and partition wall light steel channel.

(2)According to the cross-section form, it can be divided into V-shaped light steel keel, C-shaped light steel keel, T-shaped light steel keel, L-shaped light steel keel, U-shaped light steel keel, etc. No matter which shape of light steel keel you want to produce, KINGREAL can provide whole solution of light steel keel roll forming machine.

3.What are the advantages of light steel keels
(1)Light weight
The light weight of light steel channel makes construction simple and convenient.

(2)Strong fire resistance
Light steel keel is a partition made of 2~4 layers of gypsum board, which has very good fire resistance.

(3)High construction efficiency
Because of the light weight of light steel channel, it can be constructed by assembly method, so the construction efficiency is high. The general construction technology level can complete the ceiling decoration of 3~4m²per day, which saves a lot of construction cost to some extent. If you have the need to improve efficiency starting from the production line, the light steel keel roll forming machine produced by KINGREAL is your best choice.

(4)Strong safety
The light steel channel is characterized by high strength and high steel degree, and the ceiling made of it is very safe.

(5)Good seismic performance
The light steel keel and the surface layer are generally utilized to strengthen the firm fixing with the sliding connectors such as shot nails and screws, which have good anti-seismic performance.

(6)Good impact resistance
The partition wall composed of light steel channel and paper-faced gypsum board has a longitudinal breaking load of 390~850N, so its impact resistance is relatively good.

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