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How Much Do You Know About Spiral Duct?

Definition and characteristics of Spiral Duct

Spiral duct is a kind of ventilation and exhaust system component with high production precision, easy installation, small wind resistance and good air tightness. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Excellent strength and durability: The spiral duct material is usually lightweight aluminum or galvanized iron plate, which is not easy to deform, can be used in both hot and cold environments, and has a long life.

2. Low wind resistance: The air flow in the hvac spiral duct is very smooth, the inner wall is smooth, and dust is not easily accumulated, so the wind resistance is small and the ventilation and exhaust efficiency will not be reduced.

3. Good air tightness: Sealing gaskets are generally used at the connections between  hvac spiral ducts and other components, so that the exhaust system can be better sealed. KINGREAL Spiral Duct Forming Machine can produce different sizes spiral air duct, provide types of forming mold with different types of cutting device which suit different needs.

4. Easy to install and transport: Due to its simple structure, spiral duct pipes are easier to process and can be customized according to different needs. They are also easy to transport and install.

Application of Spiral Duct

Spiral duct pipe is widely used in the ventilation and exhaust system of industrial and civil buildings, connecting fan ports, fans, air exchangers and other components in series. KINGREAL also provide 90 Degree Bend Duct Forming Machine, the components matching with spiral duct, make your ventilation system production smoother and easier. In people‘s daily life, common household items such as vacuum cleaners, range hoods, air conditioners, etc. need to use spiral duct pipes to connect the exhaust gas exhaust port or air inlet. The use of spiral duct pipes can effectively alleviate the problems of poor indoor air in factories and odors in kitchens.

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