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How to solve the problems of slitting machine in the installation process?

How to solve the problems of slitting machine in the installation process?

1. Positioning the slitter plane

In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the equipment of the slicer on the foundation, after the equipment is lifted into place, the datum line should be suspended in accordance with the set center standard plate. The suspension of the reference line should be based on the installation accuracy requirements and the suspension span of the entire steel wire with a diameter of 0.3 ~ 0.75mm.

Tension force is generally 40% ~ 80% of the wire breaking force, horizontal or inclined suspension span should not exceed 40m. (Of course, according to the different specifications of the slitting equipment will have a little difference. Specific situation, specific arrangements.) The reference wire should be hung on the wire frame for easy adjustment, aligned with a wire hammer to the center point, and locked with a lockable pulley in the center of the wire, so that the wire is not displaced in use. But in the process of use should be regularly rechecked to prevent wire displacement.

Another method is the rocker measurement method, which is applicable to rotating equipment and requires high accuracy. With this method, the perpendicularity of the testing equipment to the centerline of the unit can be adjusted. This method is used for the installation of rollers, live sets of rollers, winder rollers, etc.

2. Adjust the elevation angle of the slitting machine

The installation elevation of the steel coil slitting machine should choose the main working surface of the equipment as the measurement datum or measurement datum (such as the upper plane of the mill base). According to the datum, auxiliary datum can be set near the slitting equipment, to facilitate the installation of elevation adjustment.

The height measurement method is as follows: put a flat ruler on the upper surface of the base, put a horizontal ruler on the ruler, and measure the distance between the lower plane of the ruler and the datum point with an internal micrometer. The sum of the elevation of the reference point and is the elevation of the upper surface of the base. For the more important equipment, finally use the accuracy level for re-testing.

3. Adjust the level of high speed slitter line

(1) Generally in the equipment working surface or assembly joint surface with a horizontal ruler directly measure the overall equipment. According to the installation accuracy of the longitudinal shear equipment, you can choose different accuracy levels, large as 0.02mm/m squared water.

(2) The splitting equipment can be installed on each independent part of leveling.

4.Adjustment of slitting machine plumb line depression

The plumb line dip of the slitting machine can be adjusted by hanging a steel wire to measure it.

The coil slitting machine is equipped with a line stand above the slitting machine, with a steel line hanging from the  lower end. In order to prevent the line hammer from swinging and make the measurement data accurate, the line hammer should be placed in an oil drum, and then the distance between the equipment and the steel line is measured with an inside diameter micrometer.

The measurement position is at two points A and B. According to the distance between the two points, the plumb line difference can be calculated. In order to measure accurately, you can use a magnifying glass to observe the contact method or use the sound (light) method.

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