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The description of the Baffle ceiling carrier making machine

KINGREAL offer full solution of suspended ceiling carrier system for the false ceilings.

The basic procedure of baffle ceiling carrier making machine is combine decoiler & straightener, high speed punch press, servo feeder, main roll forming machine, auto shearing station and output tables.

We also offer flexible U baffle ceiling roll forming machine for manufacturing multi sizes linear baffle ceiling products. With the baffle ceiling strips from this machine, these can be fabricated into a whole baffle ceiling suspending system. 

Technical features:

Auto Servo feeder control. One line can produce carrier for different sizes baffle ceiling products.

High quality punch press and punch mold

High precision main roll forming station.

Combi structure available for different carrier shape production on one machine

High precision pin-insert shearing method


Technical Specification of Baffle ceiling carrier making machine:


Raw materials

galvanized steel strip

Carrier sizes

According with customers’ drawing

Maximum forming speed

20 m / min

Roll Forming stands

10-15 Rollers station

Machine Power

~ 20 KW

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