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The Application Scope of Light Steel Villa

With the increase of national remediation and environmental protection, red bricks are banned, light steel villa will definitely replace the traditional construction method and become the mainstream construction method in the future.


As a new type of housing, light steel villa has gradually penetrated into people‘s life.

More and more people enjoy light steel villa to bring people earthquake and wind resistance, energy saving and environmental protection, heat insulation, beautiful and comfortable, cost-effective quality housing.


What can light steel villa do besides be our private housing?


Private villa

Self-occupation, retirement, filial piety to parents, we can not only bring you a set of houses to resist disasters, but also give you: vacation and leisure, spring flowers, healthy and warm home.


New rural construction

The joint-row scheme saves precious land resources.

From exterior construction to interior structure, both green and safe and comfortable, using light steel assembly building is undoubtedly the best choice.


House renovation

Old houses can be renovated by adding floors and expanding the housing area.

Maximize the value of the limited space, simple but not losing the details of the shape, retain the full performance of the house while improving the comfort of the home is the best choice.


Hospital, school, sales center

The advantages of light steel villa with light quality and large span are fully utilized. The large overhanging roof cover brings atmosphere and modernity, and the whole building appears high-end atmosphere and magnificent.


Resort, farmhouse, camp house

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, close to nature, ecological and environmental protection, enjoy health and leisure and self-driving groups to provide farmhouse tours and services.


Light steel farm can be built in the shortest time, with creative customized appearance to get the majority of farm owners as well as consumer groups love.


Car villa, kiosk, kiosk, bathroom, star room

Steel structure as a new type of green building, the appearance can be customized design, rich shape, can be suitable with the scenic garden type, can also be housing, office, business room comprehensive type, etc., the function is set complete, simple and generous appearance.

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