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The Benefits of CNC Machine Tool Maintenance

As a complex structure, high automation of CNC equipment, CNC machine tools have become the key to the development of enterprise production and important equipment. The use of CNC machine tools can well improve economic efficiency, but the maintenance of CNC machine tools and maintenance also need to be extra careful, only then we can better use the equipment, to bring more benefits to the enterprise.
Correct use and operation can be a good way to prevent wear and tear of CNC machine tools, reduce the occurrence of breakdowns; effectively do a good job of routine maintenance and maintenance of equipment, to maintain good operation of equipment, extend the service life of equipment, to do timely detection of equipment failure, and eliminate them in the bud stage, so that the safe operation of equipment to ensure.

2, the maintenance of CNC band saw machine
2.1 spindle component failure maintenance
Spindle is an important component of CNC machine tools, spindle components failure of most of the reasons and the shank of the automatic shift device, automatic tensioning and the size of the accuracy of the movement of the spindle has a lot to do with. As the number of CNC machine tools is the use of electrical automatic speed control device rather than mechanical gearbox, although most of the spindle components with gearbox but also very simple, so this simplified structure makes the failure also reduced a lot, the spindle maintenance is relatively easy.

2.2 Device tool automatic change fault maintenance
CNC machine tool automatic tool change failure will account for about half or more of the mechanical problems occurring in CNC machine tools. The main reasons for this failure are: the positioning error of the tool magazine is large, the occurrence of motion failure of the tool magazine, the robot does not have a very stable clamping tool shank, inaccurate motion action, etc.. All of these failures can cause the device to stop in an emergency when tool changing is in progress, and the whole machine stops because the tool cannot be exchanged automatically.

2.3 Due to the reliability of the accessories lead to failure of maintenance
There are a lot of machine tool accessories once the action is slow, damaged will make the equipment failure, stop working. Therefore, we are in the inspection of the device is, to those attachments for careful inspection, not because they are accessories to ignore their inspection. These attachments occur in the fault are: machining center moving tool change is mainly used to compress the air, if the air pump does not give enough pressure or that the air storage cabinet leakage will cause a drop in pressure, the machine does not meet the constraints, tool change action to suspend the occurrence of downtime. We can only effectively remove these faults to make the normal operation of equipment and production.

3, the maintenance of CNC machine tools
CNC machine tools have a set of machine, electricity, liquid for the integration of automated machine tools, by the implementation of the various parts of the function finally together to complete the mechanical actuator movement, rotation, clamping, release, variable speed and tool change and other actions, it can be seen to do a good job of CNC machine tools mechanical actuator routine maintenance will directly affect the performance of the machine tool. CNC machine tool mechanical structure daily maintenance mainly includes machine tool body, spindle components, ball screw nut vice, guide vice maintenance.

(1) Appearance maintenance.
① daily clean machine hygiene, sweeping iron chips, wipe clean the coolant guide parts. At the end of the shift, all the machining surface wipe on the machine oil to prevent rusting of the guide rail.
② daily attention to check the guide rail, machine guards are complete and effective.
③ daily inspection of the machine tool inside and outside the bump, touch, strain phenomenon.
④ regularly remove chips and grease from each part, so that there is no dead space, keep the inside and outside clean, no rust and corrosion.

(2) maintenance of the spindle. In the CNC machine tool, the spindle is the most critical component, the machine plays a decisive role in the processing accuracy. Its rotary accuracy affects the accuracy of the workpiece processing, power size and rotary speed affects the processing efficiency.
The maintenance of the mechanical structure of the spindle components mainly includes spindle support, transmission, lubrication, etc..
① regularly check the spindle support bearing: bearing preload force is not enough, or preload screw is loose, the clearance is too large, will make the spindle produce axial movement, should be adjusted in time; bearing hair pulling or damage should be replaced in time.
② regularly check the spindle lubrication thermostat oil tank, timely cleaning of the filter, replacement of lubricants, etc., to ensure that the spindle has good lubrication.
③ regularly check the gear wheel pair, if there is serious damage, or gear meshing gap is too large, should be timely replacement of gears and adjust the meshing gap.
(4) Regularly check the spindle drive belt, and adjust the belt tightness or replace the belt in time. 

(3) routine maintenance of the electrical control system.
CNC machine tool electrical control system is the key part of the machine tool, mainly including servo and detection device, PLC, power supply and electrical components, etc. Regularly check the electrical components, check the plugs, sockets, cables, the relay contacts for poor contact, short-circuit layer failure; check whether the printed circuit board is clean; check the main power transformer, the motor insulation circuit is above 1MΩ. Usually try to open the door of the electrical cabinet as little as possible, keep the electrical cabinet clean. Long-term use of CNC machine tools should be regularly opened, especially in the air humidity in the rainy season should be powered every day, the use of electrical components heat to ensure stable and reliable performance of electrical components.

(4) maintenance of the CNC system.
CNC control system is the core of CNC machine tools, there are two main types: one is composed entirely of hardware logic circuit dedicated hardware CNC device (NC device), the second is composed of computer hardware and software computer numerical control device (CNC device). With the development of computer technology, the current CNC device is mainly CNC device. CNC device consists of hardware control system and software control system, its daily maintenance mainly includes the following aspects.

Strictly develop and implement the rules and regulations for the routine maintenance of CNC systems. According to the performance characteristics of different CNC machine tools, the strict development of its CNC system of daily maintenance rules and regulations, and in the use and operation to be strictly enforced.

Should be as little as possible to open the door of the CNC cabinet and the door of the strong power cabinet, the air in the machining workshop often contains oil mist, dust, once they fall into the printed circuit board or electrical components of the CNC system, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance of components down, or even lead to damage to the circuit board or electrical components;.

Regularly clean the thermal ventilation system of the CNC device to prevent the CNC device from overheating. Thermal ventilation system is an important device to prevent the CNC device overheating, for this reason, should be checked every day on the CNC cabinet cooling fan operation is normal, every six months or a quarter to check whether the air duct filter is blocked, if there should be timely cleaning;.

Pay attention to the CNC system‘s input/output devices on a regular basis.

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