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Types of Pallet Industrial Racks

A pallet rack is produced by Pallet Rack Making Machine, which is an industrial rack designed to support large loads that will be lifted by handing equipment.

We can divide pallet racks into the following categories:


Adjustable Pallet Rack

Standard Adjustable Pallet Rack

An Adjustable pallet rack is a mechanical storage pallet using a forklift. Forklifts access goods through aisles parallel to the racks and have direct and immediate access to all stored unit loads.


Very narrow aisle pallet racks

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) pallet racks are compact versions of adjustable pallet racks that create higher density and capacity storage systems without requiring more space.

This adjustable pallet rack compresses by narrowing the aisles, saving more than 40% of space. In this type of system, the minimum channel width must be 1.5 m.

To be able to use these VNA racking systems to function properly in a warehouse, VNA specific handling equipment is required.


Double Deep Pallet Rack

Double-deep pallet racks are traditional storage solution but share characteristics with compact racks.

In this type of industrial shelving system, pallets are stored at two depths, enabling higher storage densities. Unlike standard adjustable pallet racks, in double-deep pallet racks, operators do not have direct access to all stored pallets.

Double deep pallet racks must also be used with special forklifts equipped with telescopic forks or pantograph mechanisms for easy and quick access to the stored second pallet.


Compact Shelf

The Compact Rack is a high-density storage system that fully optimizes warehouse space and height by minimizing working aisles for trucks.

In these types of warehouse racking systems, parallel aisles are created inside the structure into which forklifts can enter and move for the pallet loading and unloading process.

Compact storage systems are appropriate when space concerns take precedence over direct access or select storage for all unit loads.


Pallet Rack Drive (LIFO)

The Drive In compact system is the most commonly used. It requires only one forklift aisle and works according to the LIFO (Last In, First Out) inventory management method, where the last pallet to enter is the first to leave.

This type of compact storage is recommended for warehouses with homogeneous products and low material turnover.


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