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What are the Advantages of Light Steel Drywall Frame?

Nowadays, when many houses are being renovated and designed, in order to make better use of the space, some non-bearing walls will be knocked down and a new wall partition will be redone as well. There are several materials that can be chosen for the wall partition, one belongs to the lightweight brick material wall partition, and one belongs to the light steel keel wall partition. What are the advantages of light steel drywall frame? To help readers creating a personalized interior space,today KINGREAL will introduce the advantages of light steel drywall frame.

1.The installation of partition keel is more convenient, general light steel keel has been molded before use, will also be supporting some of the relevant accessories, in the installation will be relatively more convenient, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.

2.The bearing capacity of light steel keel partition wall is relatively good, which is related to the performance of the light steel keel. Moreover, the fire resistance of light steel keels is also relatively good. Nowadays, more and more electrical equipment are used in homes, and the number of circuits naturally begins to increase, so there is a risk of fire. When decorating your home, it is necessary to choose materials with good fire resistance, so as to better reduce the risk of fire.

3.Light steel keel partition wall also has the performance of heat preservation, because the light steel keel material internal structure of the special nature, so the heat preservation and insulation performance is also very good, used as a partition wall is very advantageous. The light steel keel roll forming machine produced by KINGREAL helped many customers to efficiently produce high quality light steel keel.

4.Light steel keel drywall frame also has very good sound insulation advantages. Because the keel is a material with a porous structure, it has better sound absorption capabilities. Generally, the sound insulation effect of a light steel keel drywall frame with a thickness of about ten millimeters can reach 40 About one decibel, which is very effective for sound insulation.

5.The texture of light steel keel drywall frame is also relatively light, only a quarter of the weight of ordinary concrete, only one-half of the weight of hollow brick, can float on the water. The use of light steel keel drywall frame can effectively reduce the overall weight of the building, can also reduce the cost.

The above is an introduction to some advantages of light steel keel partition walls. As a manufacturer of roll forming processing and manufacturing equipment, KINGREAL is also able to design and produce Drywall metal stud and track roll forming machines to meet the different production needs of construction plants. Many people have the impression that light steel keels are used for suspended ceilings. In fact, light steel keels are also very good wall partition materials. Its superior performance is very obvious, but compared with partition walls made of other materials, the price will be higher. For consumers with a relatively sufficient decoration budget, it is still very good to choose keels as wall partition materials.

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