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What Are the Different Types of Keels?

Nowadays, many people like integrated suspended ceilings because they are not only beautiful but also easy to install and disassemble. There are various keel materials used to install integrated suspended ceilings on the market, making people confused about how to choose. So, how much do you know about keels? In order to give you a better understanding of the keel, the following KINGREAL will introduce 4 common types of keel.

1.Wooden keel
Wooden keels are mostly made of soft woods such as pine and fir. It can be made into various shapes according to the demand during use. When purchasing, choose keels that are straight, free of splits, and dry. The cross-sectional size of the main keel is 40mm x 60mm, the cross-sectional size of the secondary keel is 30mm x 40mm, and the cross-sectional size of the hanging bar is 50mm x 70mm. For safety reasons, it is best to apply moisture-proof and fire-proof paint on wooden keels before use, which makes them safer to use.

2.Light steel keel
Suspended ceiling metal keels are generally made of light steel and aluminum alloy, both of which have the characteristics of light weight, fire resistance, earthquake resistance, and easy processing.  The light steel keel should be 50 series. The wall thickness of the galvanized sheet is higher than 1mm. The primary and secondary keels and connections All parts should be galvanized and the coating should be intact without damage. The keel should be straight and without bends. The hanging bars of the light steel keel need to be made of steel bars and fixed with angle steel. The specifications are generally 30mm x 30mm x 3mm. Both the hanging bars and fixed angles need to be painted with anti-rust paint first.

3.Aluminum alloy keel
The aluminum alloy keel is an improvement on the traditional iron sheet painted keel. When aluminum is anti-corrosion treated by anodizing, plastic spraying, etc., it will not rust or discolor. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good decorative performance, and easy processing. When purchasing, please remember that its wall thickness cannot be less than 0.8mm and there must be no distortion. The surface also needs to be anti-corrosion treated by anodizing, plastic spraying, etc.

4.Triangle keel
Triangle keel can also be called T grid keel, which is a common ceiling keel material. The raw material is hot-dip galvanized sheet, which is made through cold rolling process and is shaped into a triangle-shaped metal skeleton. Usually installed and used together with U-shape light steel keel. KINGREAL can provide whole solution of T grid keel and light steel keel roll forming machine, make the production of high-quality keels easier. 

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