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What is a Glazed Roof Tile?

Traditional glazed tiles are made of high-quality ore raw materials and molded under high pressure. It has significant advantages such as good flatness and low water absorption rate. However, in order to meet market demand, most of the metal glazed tiles on the market today are used to replace the traditional glazed tiles.

Metal glazed tiles are a new type of roofing material. They are hot-extruded from galvanized steel sheets and polymer materials. The surface is coated with a colored enamel layer. It has the characteristics of wind pressure resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV protection, and corrosion resistance. Regardless of the choice of appearance tile type or color, metal glazed tiles can meet the aesthetic requirements of most of us and can adapt to various current buildings.

Advantages and characteristics of metal tiles:

1. Many options: The metal tiles produced on the market are not only rich in colors, but also in various shapes, so there are a variety of colors and tile types to choose from. Kingreal Glazed Roofing Tile Roll Forming Machine can be customized to make metal glazed tiles of different shapes and sizes as needed.

2. Fire retardant: Will not spontaneously ignite and has certain flame retardant capabilities;

3. Light texture: light weight, which can effectively reduce the weight load of the building and ensure the safety and stability of the building;

4. High stability: Metal glazed tiles are very strong and can withstand severe cold, severe heat, earthquakes, heavy rain, hail, fire and other impacts, greatly reducing the possibility of roof collapse;

5. Easy construction: Metal tile materials do not have high requirements on the building structure, are easy to design and construct (will not crack, shrink or curl), and can be adapted to various roofs. In addition, the material itself is light in weight and the accessories used are simple, so the overall installation process is relatively easy, which greatly reduces the intensity of the construction and shortens the construction period.

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