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What is the Function of Metal Sound Barrier?

Metal sound barrier are a sound insulation facility. In order to block the direct sound between the sound source and the receiver, a facility is inserted between the sound source and the receiver, so that the sound wave propagation has a significant additional attenuation, thereby reducing the noise impact in a certain area where the receiver is located. Metal sound absorbing boards are mainly used outdoors. As road traffic noise pollution becomes increasingly serious, some countries use various forms of barriers to reduce traffic noise. As demand increases, more and more customers around the world are purchasing sound barrier roll forming machines from KINGREAL to produce high-quality metal sound barriers. In buildings, if the requirements for sound insulation are not high, sound barriers can also be used to separate workshops and offices. The sound barrier is easy to disassemble, assemble and move, and has a certain sound insulation effect, so it is widely used.

metal sound barrier

The design of the metal sound absorbing board has fully considered the wind load of elevated highways, urban light rails, and subways, the impact safety of traffic vehicles, and all-weather open-air anti-corrosion issues. It has beautiful appearance, exquisite production, convenient transportation and installation, low cost and long service life. It is especially suitable for noise prevention on elevated highways, urban light rails and subways. It is the most ideal sound insulation and noise reduction facility in modern cities.

Application scope of metal sound barrier: Mainly used along railways and highways. Currently, metal sound barrier are mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction in transportation and municipal facilities such as highways, elevated composite roads, urban light rail subways, and to control the impact of traffic noise on nearby cities. It can also be used for sound insulation and noise reduction in factories and other noise sources.

metal sound barrier roll forming machine
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