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What is The Process of Roll Forming Tubes?

1. Definition and process flow of cold bending of elbow
Elbow cold bending, refers to pressing metal tubes into the required curvature and angle through steel molding at room temperature. Compared with traditional hot bending processing, cold bending of elbows can avoid problems such as pipe deformation, surface damage and even sintering, and is more suitable for processing thin-walled pipes or tubes made of special materials. As one of the most professional cold bending forming machine supplier in China, no matter you have a needs to produce square tube, spiral duct or other cold bending needs, Kingreal can give you a fully production solution to help you increase productivity. 

Spiral Elbow Machine

The process flow of elbow cold bending mainly includes the following steps:
(1)Pretreatment: Cut both ends of the pipe to be bent into planes perpendicular to the central axis of the bend.
(2)Pipe bending: Clamp the pretreated pipe between the traction wheel of the bending machine and the pipe bending die, apply force and heat the adsorbent, so that the tube can be perfectly bent to obtain the required radius and angle.
(3)Correction: Correction of the bent pipe to ensure that the curvature and dimensional accuracy of the pipe meet standards. Taking the Kingreal tube roll forming machine as an example, the main production steps are Hydraulic Decoiling →  Roll Forming → Cut to Length → Output. The compact line not only saves you land costs, but also saves you time by making it easier to operate.

metal tube roll forming machine

2. Characteristics and scope of application of cold bending of elbows
Features of cold bending of elbows: The advantages of cold bending of elbows are low processing cost and fast speed. It can bend thin-walled tubes without causing problems such as oxidation and sintering. For some thinner and more deformed pipes, cold bending is a good choice.

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