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Light Gauge Steel Frame Making Machine

Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine

KINGREAL Full Auto Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine using professional-grade industrial computer CNC automatic control, which has the characteristics of high product accuracy, high degree of automation and high degree of automation. We have successfully shipped to Saudi Arabia and Russia, etc.

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  •  Working Process Of Light Gauge Steel Framing Making Machine 

    Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine

    light steel frame machine steel framing machine

    Technical Specification Of Light Gauge Metal Framing Machine

    Section sizes


    Raw materials thickness

    0.7-1.2mm (G300-G550) GI materials strip, Aluzinc materials strip

    Raw materials width


    Standard production speed


    Max. Production speed


    Hydraulic system power


    Hydraulic oil capacity


    Main machine remote control

    Wireless remote control equipped

    Punching molds

    dimple hole, Chamfer cut, Web notch, lip cut, service hole, bolt hole and shearing

    Machine Dimension


    Machine weight


    Machine color

    According with our company standard 


    Max. load 2000KG, automatic hydraulic expension

    Main roll forming machine power

    High precision 7.5kw servo motor

    Control System

    PLC Brand: Panasonic
    Communication Modula: Panasonic

    Components Of LGS Roll Forming Machine

    - Decoiler

    - Material leveling device

    - Main roll forming machine

    - Automatic punching

    - Cutting

    - Products collecting table

    - Control cabinet

    light steel frame machine

    KINGREAL Unique Custom Design Of This Light Gauge Steel Structure Machine

    1. Hydraulic Decoiler

    light gauge metal framing

    Auto hydraulic expansion design, the material inner diameter 460-520mm, external diameter maximum 1400mm, maximum loading weight 2000kgs, automatic decoiler straightener with VFD speed setting.

    And the power is 4KW.

    2. Copra Software Design

    light steel frame construction

    The forming rollers of the LGS framing channel making machine is designed and simulated by Copra software. Then it is improved according with our experiences

    3. High Quality Punching Stations

    light gauge steel construction

    lgs roll forming machine

    The punching molds of the LCG framing house is specially designed with high quality S45C materials as the molds base. And D2 high quality mold steel for the blade. The auto lubrication system is equipped to ensure the machine long time stable running.

    Light Gauge Steel Framing Display

     light gauge steel framing

    FrameCAD Machine

    Application Of Light Gauge Steel Framing

    light gauge steel framing

    Light steel structure is a young and very vital steel structure system. has been widely used in general industrial and agricultural, commercial and service buildings, the such as offices, villas, warehouses, stadiums, entertainment, tourism buildings and low and multi-story residential buildings, etc.

    Our Service

    As one of the professional manufacturers of molding machines in China, KINGREAL has its own production workshop and technical team. We are able to provide our customers with the most professional production and after-sales service.

    Our after-sales service

    KINGREAL can provide both online and offline after-sales service for our customers.We are available 7*24x hours online to answer customers‘ questions. At the same time, KINGREAL will arrange engineers to go to customer‘s factory for installation and technical guidance service.

    KINGREAL is looking forward to cooperating with customers from all over the world, welcome to contact us.

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