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Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine

Machine Name: Full-Automatic Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine
Products Name: C-Shaped LGS Frames
Products sizes: C75, C89, etc.
Automation: Manual Operation/Full-Automatic Production with PLC
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate
Machine Power: 380V 50HZ or according with customers‘ request
Speed: 0~30m/min, Hydraulic Shearing System
Main Features: Equipped with air cooling system, Famous brand hydraulic system

  • KINGREAL Light Gauge Steel Roll Forming Machine consists of automatic material decoiler, material leveling device, main roll forming machine, automatic punching, cutting, products collecting table and control cabinet.

    According to the specific requirements of light steel villa construction, it is equipped with: dimple screw holes, chamfers, web through holes, small edge cutting, pipeline holes, web shrinking, cutting and other punching dies and coding devices.

    Using professional-grade industrial computer CNC automatic control, it has the characteristics of wide range of use, high product accuracy, high degree of automation, material saving, and high degree of automation.

    Aiming at the characteristics of continuous innovation of prefabricated buildings on the market and diversified structural forms, our company also Special equipment for special requirements can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, and supporting equipment such as floor deck/ adjustable C steel channel roll forming machine can be provided.


    Intergrate Technology

    Intergrated the CAD/CAM technologies, the drawing will be input after the construction drawing software, it can achieve full automatic production Intelligentlly.

    The machine will monitor the production process, and display it on the screen. Which can reduce the equipment loss and machine alarm.

    Industrial Computer Operation Platform

    KINGREAL light gauge steel framing machine equip with Luxury rotate type 17" industrial computer touch screen. The remote controller is also included to make the machine operation easy and human friendly.
    Precision Technical Process

    KINGREAL light gauge steel roll forming machine consists of automatic material decoiler, material leveling device (combine decoiler and straightener 2in1), main roll forming machine, automatic punching, shearing, products collecting table and control cabinet. 

    The production line can produce in batch or single piece, the machine can run stably and in full automatic situation.

    CNC Machining Center Processing

    The roll forming machine frame and parts are processed by CNC maching center, the quality is ensured with high accuracy. Also it can ensure the machine speed and enhance the production effeciency.


    Combine Decoiler and Straightener

    Auto hydraulic expansion design, the material inner diameter 460-520mm, exterial diameter maximum 1400mm, maximum loading weight 2000kgs, automatic decoiler straightener with VFD speed setting. And the power is 4KW

    Copra Software Design

    The forming rollers of the LGS framing channel making machine is designed and simulated by Copra software. Then it is improved according with our experiences 

    For the LGS framing channel forming machine, we use high quality raw materials for the machine frame and cold forming rollers.

    High Quality Cold Forming Rollers

    It adopts integrate CAD/CAM technology, and it is programmed by professional forming rollers processing software. Then upload the drawing to the CNC machining center to do the processing. This will ensure the processed forming roller same as the drawing. 

    The rollers produced are feature with compact appearance, the rollers are accuracy. All these will ensure the machine quality.

    High Quality Punching Stations

    The punching molds of the LCG framing house is specially designed with high quality S45C materials as the molds base. And D2 high quality mold steel for the blade.
    The auto lubrication system is equipped to ensure the machine long time stable running.

    For the main archway panel, it is container structure, and it is processed on the CNC machining center. The vice archway panel is independent structure. It is strong and easy to maintainence.

    The light gauge steel framing making machine uses the industrial computer as the control center. 

    The software is easy to operate and it can monitor the whole production process, then reduce the production waster. USB plug is installed so the drawing can be easily uploaded to the system. 


    Section sizes 89*41mm
    Raw materials thickness 0.7-1.2mm (G300-G550) GI materials strip, Aluzinc materials strip
    Raw materials width 181mm
    Standard production speed 350-900m/h
    Max. Production speed 1600m/h
    Main roll forming machine power High precision 7.5kw servo motor
    Hydraulic system power 7.5kw
    Hydraulic oil capacity 300L
    Hydraulic cooling Fan cooling system equipped
    Main machine remote control Wireless remote control equipped
    Punching molds dimple hole, Chamfer cut, Web notch, lip cut, service hole, bolt hole and shearing
    Product Accuray +_0,5mm
    Jet Coder Made in China
    Machine Dimension 5200*1100*1660mm
    Machine weight 5500KG
    Machine color According with our company standard 
    Decoiler Max. load 2000KG, automatic hydraulic expension
    Control System PLC Brand: Panasonic
    Communication Modula: Panasonic
    Encoder: Neimikong, Japan

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Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine

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