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Metal Ceiling Frame Carrier Machines

Metal Ceiling Carrier System Roll Forming Line

KINGREAL can provide metal ceiling carrier system roll forming line for linear strip ceiling , u baffle ceiling and open cell ceiling. All this suspended ceiling product roll forming machine can be supplied by KINGREAL MACHINERY.

  •  Metal Ceiling Carrier Roll Forming Machine

    Description Of Metal Ceiling Carrier System Roll Forming Line:

    KINGREAL Metal Ceiling Carrier System Roll Forming Line is for production the carrier for the metal ceiling, the whole production including combine decoiler & straightener, auto punching machine, roll forming line part, shearing part and electrical control system.

    carrier roll forming machine

    The whole metal ceiling carrier machine adopts the steel structure, the whole processing after welding, the bearing capacity is strong, and the operation is stable and reliable. The important parts of the metal ceiling carrier roll forming equipment and the components are all equipped with accessories from well-known domestic enterprises, thus effectively ensuring the performance of the equipment.

    KINGREAL metal ceiling carrier full automatic making machine is featured with high precision, high speed perforation and roll forming. The main machine including combined straightener and decoiler, high speed perforation press, high precision servo feeder system, high precision roll forming machine and follow shearing system.


    Technical Specification:

    Raw material

    Gi steel

    Product shape

    As per clients’ requests

    Product length


    Production capacity


    Electricity requirement

    380V 50Hz 3 Phases

    Power consumption



     Main Component Detail Of Metal Ceiling Carrier Production Line

    Structure of a Strong Roll Forming Machine

    The single-piece machine frame for the KINGREAL is made by welding together steel panels. One panel, 30mm thick, will be fitted to the frame after meticulous processing by the Plano miller.

    This will ensure the precision of the fundamental size. The machine will also be strengthened in order to resist deformation and ensure long-term performance.

    Unparalleled Independent Archway Panel Construction

    We offer a superior independent archway panel construction for roller groups. Archways were processed and surface treated after being cast utilizing our original design. Our arches are not only strong and durable, but also provide stable properties.


    An Outstanding Independent Archway Panel Construction

    We offer an independent archway panel construction that is ideal for roller groups. Our original design was used to create the cast, processing, and finishing of the arches. In addition to being strong and durable, our arches have elements that are steady.

     Two Solution Of Metal Ceiling Carrier Roll Forming Machine:

    1. Linear Strip Ceiling Carrier Roll Forming Machine

    Linear Strip Ceiling is a common interior decoration material consisting of multiple parallel aluminium or steel strips joined together to form a grille-like structure and installed on the interior ceiling. Strip ceilings are commonly used in commercial buildings, public spaces, offices and other interiors.

    The installation of a linear strip ceiling requires a combination of carrier profile. KINGREAL has designed and supplied linear strip ceiling roll forming machine for this purpose.

    2. U Baffle Ceiling Carrier Roll Forming Machine

    The U Baffle Ceiling is a more decorative ceiling, consisting of many squares of aluminium alloy or steel, which can be formed into different patterns and shapes. With the advantages of being lightweight, fireproof, moisture-proof, easy to install and maintain, the baffle ceiling is widely used in the interior decoration of commercial, office and hotel premises.


    KINGREAL U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine can produce 150mm, 200mm and 300mm different sizes u baffle ceiling product. And can also provide the Baffle Ceiling Carrier Production Line to produce the carrier profile, which used to installed the suspended baffle ceiling.

     Metal Ceiling Carrier Installation

    Linear Strip Ceiling Installation U Baffle Ceiling Installation

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