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Suspended Ceiling Roll Forming Line

Sun Louver Roll Forming Making Machinery

Machine Name: Metal sun louver making machinery
Products Name: sun louver with Different Sizes
Products sizes: According the clients‘ drawing 
Automation: Manual Operation/Full-Automatic Production with PLC
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate
Machine Power: 380V 50HZ or according with customers‘ request
Speed: 0~20m/min, Hydraulic Follow Shearing System
Main Features: Equipped with air cooling system, Famous brand hydraulic system, light curtain safety protection

  • KINGREAL can offer full solution for the sun louver system making machine, including:

    1. C84 shape sun louver roll forming machine
    2. Horizontal sun louver roll forming machine
    3. Sun louver carrier making machine

    sun louver ceiling roll forming machine

    KINGREAL sun louver roll forming machine can produce high quality sun louver system, which also it can be used as linear strip ceiling. Our sun shade roll forming machine is featured with high precision, full automation, easy to operate, welcome to inquiry and use our sun louver system making machine.

    sun shade panel roll forming machine

    Working principle and operation of the Sun louver roll forming machine

    1. Put the raw material of the louver aluminum coil into the automatic aluminum coil feeder, and use the handle to tighten the aluminum coil on the rack, as shown in the figure above.
    2. Open the automatic feeder to the automatic feeding state and start manual feeding to the mouth of the sun louver roll  forming arcing machine. As shown above.
    3. Use the handle on the arc press to feed the machine, and pass through the punching and cutting the mold.
    4. The size of the aluminum sheet to be processed is edited by the arc screen by the roll forming machine.
    5. Check if the mold air pressure is on and check that the louver size is correct.
    6. Start the automatic production button in the touch screen and start automatic production.

    sun louver panel making machine, sun shade panel making machine

    KINGREAL sun louver making machine / sun shade panel making machine include auto decoile, high precision roll forming main machine and hydraulic cutting station, which is the first choice for the sun louver manufacturer. Our sun louver roll forming machine (sun shade roll forming machine) has successfully exported to Vietnam, Thailand and win good reputation all around the world.

    sun louver panel making machine, sun shade panel making machine 
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