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Metal Perforation Line

High Speed Aluminum Ceiling Perforated Punching Machine

KINGREAL Aluminum Ceiling Perforated Punching Machine will use CNC perforation machine to punch holes of different shapes and sizes in the aluminum plate to produce aluminum ceiling perforated.

  • Production line description:

    The Aluminum Ceiling Perforated Punching Machine will use CNC perforation machine to punch holes of different shapes and sizes in the aluminum plate to produce aluminum ceiling perforated.

    The production line is carried out through a series of production processes such as uncoiling, straightening, punching, cutting to length and re-coiling. Production of various profiles of sheet metal.

    In addition to punching aluminum sheets, KINGREAL
     perforation production line process can also punch aluminum sheet, galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet, iron sheet, nickel alloys, metal mesh carbon steel plate as raw materials for punching hole production.

    Perforated aluminum is a sheet product that has holes punched out in various sizes and patterns. Perforated aluminum panels reduce weight and reduce the passage of light, liquids, sound and air while providing a decorative or decorative effect.

    Aluminum perforated metal sheets are available in a variety of hole sizes, staggered arrangements and sheet thicknesses:

    1. The most commonly used is the staggered hole pattern, which is available in full and cut sheet sizes;

    2. The thickness of the perforated sheet ranges from light to heavy;

    3. Aluminum perforated ceiling with a thickness of 2mm and a size of 4x8‘ is also a commonly used model;

    KINGREAL will customize the size of the punched aluminum plate according to the customer‘s requirements;

    Main features of the production line:

    1. The production line can work automatically, which can be controlled and regulated by electrical control equipment.

    2. KINGREAL can design and manufacturer different machines and molds according to requirements.


    Advantages of perforated aluminum ceiling:

    -The perforated plate is light in weight;

    -Durable and corrosion-resistant, often used in indoor and outdoor designs;

    -Perforated to allow ventilation, drainage and the passage of light, air and moisture.

    Reference Specifications

     Material: Aluminum

    Material thickness: 0.6mm~0.7mm

    Material width: according to actual use

    Ceiling size: 600 x 600 mm

    With hole: φ1.8 mm, 2.5mm

    Speed: 3-4 pieces/min

    Composition of perforated aluminum ceiling production line:

    1. Hydraulic uncoiler

    2. Straightener

    3. Servo feeder

    4. Perforating Power Press

    5. Hydraulic cutting machine

    6. Sheet conveying

    7. Leveling

    8. Sheet conveying

    9. PLC controller with servo system

    10. Hydraulic system

    Application of perforated aluminum plate:

    Aluminum perforated sheet has an attractive appearance and is suitable for a wide range of decorative applications. Typical applications include equipment screens, bulkheads, sign boards, parking decks, guards, boats, room acoustic applications and any type of enclosure.

    Perforated aluminum sheet is also used in continuous vents, gutter guards, grilles, boat interior trim, automotive grilles, decorative partitions, filler panels, display stands, street furniture and store accessories and many ceilings are also decorated with perforated aluminum ceiling panels.

    Perforated aluminum sheets for a variety of applications are widely used in the automotive industry, interior design and architecture.

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