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Metal Perforation Line

Perforated Metal Wall Panels Making Machine

KINGREAL Perforated Metal Wall Panels Making Machine is design for produce the acoustic wall panel product, which use of punch dies to punch holes in sheet metal or other materials to create sheets with a specific pattern.

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    What Is The Metal Sheet Perforated Making Machine?

    Metal sheet perforated making machine is a kind of equipment used for punching holes in metal sheets. Metal punching machine is a metal processing technique that creates plates with specific patterns by punching holes in sheet metal or other materials using a punch press mold. This technique can be used to make holes of different shapes and sizes as needed, and is widely used in a variety of applications such as architectural decoration, filters, soundproofing panels, and covers for mechanical equipment.

    perforated steel sheet
    The Perforated Metal Panel are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also have good durability and resistance to wear and tear, making them particularly popular for interior or exterior building decoration. For example, they can be used as exterior wall decorations, ceilings, partitions, and furniture. Perforated sheets are usually made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., and can be given a variety of surface treatments to enhance their aesthetics and durability.

    What Is The Perforated Metal Wall Panel Making Machine?

    Acoustic metal wall panel perforation line is a production line that uses specialized perforating equipment to create a series of holes in metal panels during the production of acoustic metal wall panels. These holes help to improve the acoustic performance of the wall panels as they trap and minimize sound waves, thereby reducing noise and improving the acoustic environment.

    perforated aluminum sheet
    In the sheet metal perforating machine for acoustic metal wall panels, holes can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes, such as circles, squares, or other complex patterns, depending on the acoustic design requirements. The design and layout of these holes have a significant impact on the sound absorption effect of the wall panels. By accurately controlling the size and distribution of the holes, acoustic metal wall panels can be produced that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

    What Is The Perforated Metal Wall Panel?

    Ø Meeting rooms and office spaces: by installing acoustic wall panels, noise disturbances can be reduced, improving the efficiency of meetings and work.
    Ø Gymnasiums and exhibition halls: Acoustic wall panels in large public places can reduce background noise and make public communication clearer.
    Ø Transportation hubs: such as airports and train stations, acoustic wall panels help reduce ambient noise and improve the waiting experience for travelers.
    Ø Educational Institutions: Acoustic wall panels in educational facilities such as schools and libraries provide a quieter environment for learning.
    Ø Medical facilities: Acoustic wall panels in medical facilities, such as hospitals, help to create a quieter environment for treatment and rehabilitation.
    perforated sheet metal panels

    Main Option Configurations Detail

    1. Perforated Punching Press Machine

    - High-speed performance: Gantry punching machines usually have smaller strokes and fast rotational speeds, which makes them about 2.5 times more efficient than ordinary punching machines in sheet cutting and dropping processes.

    - Stable operation: The slider is designed with a long guide way and equipped with a slider balancing device to ensure stable operation.

    -Adaptability to automated production: It can be matched with any automated production requirement to improve production efficiency and reduce cost.
    perforated punching machine
    metal punching machine
     2. Perforated Panel Cutting Device:

    -Notch surface composition: by the collapse angle, shear surface, fracture surface and burrs and other 4 parts. Shear surface is formed by plastic deformation, the surface is smooth and perpendicular to the plane of the sheet. The fracture surface is a rough surface formed by damage, not perpendicular to the plane of the sheet, with a certain angle of inclination.

    -Dimensional accuracy: the dimensional accuracy of ordinary punched parts is less than 5, the surface roughness is about Rα50 ~ 10
    3. Perforated Coil Rewind Part

    The take-up unit in a punching line is a device used to mechanically wind processed metallic or non-metallic strips into coils.

    It is an important part of the production line and is mainly used to collect continuous scrap tape, finished tape, terminal continuous tape and so on.
    perforated metal plate

    Main Option Configurations Detail

    perforated steel panels
    Choose Us For The Whole Coil Perforation Line Solution
    perforated aluminum panels

    Metal Coil Perforated Machine Project In Brazil

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