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Shelving System

Shelving Rack Post Making Machine

KINGREAL is a professional roll forming machine supplier in China, can provide Shelving Rack Post Making Machine according to your need. Send us the parameters or product drawings, we will design the program for you and send the latest offer.

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      Description of Storage Rack Post Roll Forming Machine:

    KINGREAL Storage Rack Roll Forming Machine is used to manufacture metal rack upright. It usually consists of frame, feeding system, forming system, punching machine and other equipment.

    Shelf Column Roll Forming Machine can feed the metal sheet into the forming system through the feeding system, and then get the finished products of shelf column after processing and forming. The shelf column roll forming machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and stability, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of shelf column.

    Warehouse Shelf Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine

     Main Processes of Storage Rack Roll Forming Machine :

    Hydraulic Decoiler -- Leveling -- Hydraulic Punching Press -- Main Roll Forming -- Cutting -- Output

     warehouse racking upright machine

     Technical Specs:

    1. Raw Material : HCR Coil / Carbon Steel Coil, GI Coil,and so on
    2. Material Thickness : 0.8~2.5mm
    3. Profile : 90/100/120*70mm
    4. Complete line working speed : 2~15m/min
    5. Roll Forming Stands :
    6. Motor Power : 18.5KW x 2
    7. Roller Material :
    CR12 MOV, HRD 58-62 degree
    steel storge shelf production line

     Machine Features:

    125 Tons Punching Press

    KINGREAL equipped a 125 tons high capacity hydraulic punching press in the Rack Upright Making Machine. The body of the punching press is refined from high-strength steel, which can withstand high-speed and continuous stamping operations. KINGREAL also equip the punching press with a hydraulic system, which facilitates the realization of overload protection.

    Since the moving parts in each hydraulic element work in oil and can lubricate themselves, the service life of the element is long, so equipping the punching press with a hydraulic system also prolongs the service life of the press.
    punch press machine
    Shelf Upright Rack Forming Machine
    Main Roll Forming Machine

    The forming roller of the main forming machine is made of Cr12MoV and is made through vacuum heat treatment. Vacuum heat treatment can quickly reduce the hydrogen content in metals and alloys, thereby eliminating hydrogen embrittlement and improving the plasticity, toughness and fatigue strength of the material.

    Overall mechanical properties are improved as a result. Therefore, our main forming machine rollers are hard and corrosion-resistant and can support long-term forming operations.

     Complete Shelving System Production Solution:

    Shelving Panel Roll Forming Machine also can be provided by KINGREAL, combination with Shelf Column Roll Forming Machine can be a complete shelving production system. It is benefit for maintaining production consistency of shelf panel and shelf column. 

    warehouse racking system

     Diverse Rack Upright Production Solution:

    cantilever racking system

     Technology Support:

    As a professional manufacturer of roll forming machine in China, KINGREAL has been in design - production - installation - after-sales for more than 20 years. KINGREAL is able to customize production solutions according to customer‘s drawings and specific parameter requirements. After you ordered, our technical team will test the machine in an effort to insure every mechanical and electrical parts are in perfect condition.

    warehouse racking installationtechnical support

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