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Storage Rack Panel Roll Forming Equipment overview: High production efficiency and low labor cost.

The continuous production of the material from the coil to the single-piece forming line can be realized at one time.

  • Shelf Panel Automatic Production Line

    Equipment Name: automatic production line for shelf panel / Door panels (Forming width adjustable
    (the number of mold stations and quantity is subject to actual drawings)

     shelf panel roll forming machine
    The process flow of the production line:

    5T unwinding rack (maximum material width 600mm, hydraulic tensioning, passive decoiling) → 600mm pre leveling machine → 3 stations (mould base) 6 hydraulic cylinders (6 sets of moulds), CNC 1.3kw high precision Servo feeder. →20 Forming rollers station (roll forming width adjustable, main drive 15KW frequency conversion speed regulation) → hydraulic shearing (1 set of combined mold, oil pump motor 7.5KW) → secondary flanging bednding→ conveyor belt → secondary flanging bending → discharge conveyor belt .

    shelf panel rack panel forming machine 

    1: Technical parameter table:

         - Molding material Material Q235 steel coil
         - Machine and specifications Material thickness 0.7mm
         - Coil inner diameter: inner diameter φ450~500mm, outer diameter φ1200mm
         - Forming speed 5-8m/min equipment working line speed (not including shutdown time)
         - Processing length as required
         - Machining accuracy L<1000mm: ±0.5mm
         - Forming section according to drawings
         - Power supply total power ≤50KW

    2. Configuration diagram and description:

        1). The decoiler bears 5 tons, the inner diameter of the coil is φ450~550mm, the uncoiling width is 600MM, and it is hydraulically tensioned.
        2). Leveling machine: Leveling with 7 rollers (3 upper rollers, 4 lower rollers), 2 sets of pinch rollers

         shelf panel roll forming line decoiler & leveler

          3) Mutl-stations Hydraulic Punching Machines

         The mulit-stations hydraulic punching machine is for do the corner cutting and pre-punching holes for the storage rack panel production. It includes 4-6 hydraulic punching stations and one precision NC servo feeder. 
    For the notching stations, the molds frame is adjustable on the width for production different width of rack panels. 

         shelf rack panel roll forming machine
        4). Main Roll forming Machine part:

              4-1. 20 sets of rollers are used for forming, the roller material is Cr12MoV, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment, two tempering, hardness HRC55-58.
              4-2. The main shaft material is 45# steel, which is quenched and tempered after rough machining, then refined turning, and finally refined.
              4-3. Two sets of tapered roller bearings are equipped on the driving side and one set of cylindrical roller shafts on the operating side.
              4-4. Adjustable molding width: 280-500mm. Using numerical control adjustment.

        shelf panel rack panel main roll forming machine
     5) . Transmission mechanism:

               5.1. Main motor 15KW, frequency conversion speed control.
               5.2. The driving wheel is driven by a triangle belt, and the rollers are driven by gears, and a gear reducer with hard tooth surface. The main side plate and the secondary side plate are ground on six sides, and the sliding groove is processed by a machining center and a boring hole.

         6). Hydraulic cut-off Station:
               The system has an unloading protection function, equipped with 2 sets of hydraulic cylinders and 1 set of combined molds.
               6-1. Hydraulic system: The system has an unloading protection function and adopts the Changmao brand.
               6-2. There are 2 linear guide rails at the bottom of the mold base, each slide rail adopts 2 sliding blocks, and the return of the mold base is driven by an air cylinder.
               6-3. The fixed length is positioned by the bolt, which is driven by the cylinder.

          rack panel shearing and bending station
    7). Secondary flanging bending mechanism:

          The two flanging bending stations can do the shelf panel auto bending online. It can ensure the high quality of final products and also reduce the labor cost of manual bending.

          shelf panel auto bending forming station
    8). Electric control system:

                8-1. Using programmable PLC; adopting servo control, adopting frequency converter for speed regulation and centralized automatic control, and relaying chooses Japanese Izumi.
                8-2. The whole production line adopts centralized automatic control, and the forming machine and hydraulic press are linked.
                8-3. Alarm function: There are alarm functions such as material shortage shutdown, counting, output reaching shutdown, emergency stop, jamming, and limit.
    KINGREAL Storage Rack Panel Roll Forming Equipment advantages:

    1. High production efficiency and low labor cost
    The continuous production of the material from the coil to the single-piece forming line can be realized at one time, and the production speed is high, and the production specification can be exchanged for a short time in only 3 minutes. Adopting automatic industrial control technology, compared with the traditional distributed multi-process multi-person processing, the whole line can be patrolled by only one person, which not only greatly reduces the number of operators, but also reduces the number of operators to one, and reduces the labor intensity. Going to manpower handling and positioning; it also greatly reduced the ability requirements for operators, greatly reducing labor costs.

    2. Saving materials, can produce more specifications of box parts
    The use of CNC stepless rapid adjustment specification technology, without the need to adjust the specifications after commissioning, can save a lot of test machine waste caused by changing specifications, saving sheet metal input costs.
    The production width range can be designed according to user requirements, steplessly adjustable; the width, length and height range are designed according to user requirements; the size of each parameter is set by the operator.

    Storage Rack Panel Roll Forming Machine Shelving panel sheet roll forming machine

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