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Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Tile production line

60X60CM Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Making Machine

KINGREAL can provide whole solution of suspended metal ceiling tile production line for different requirements. KINGREAL has shipped different types of ceiling lines to countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, Russia and Qatar, and has entered into long-term relationships.

  •  Working Process Of Semi/Full Auto Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line

     Description Of 60X60CM Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Making Machine

    KINGREAL Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Making Machine is design for produce 60*60CM perforated metal ceiling tile, which featuring with full automatic, high precision, fast production speed and few operation workers. Which is first choice for the decoration material factories.

     aluminum ceiling tiles production line

    This 600MM Aluminum Ceiling Tile Production line is mainly used for the production of different kinds decoration ceiling tiles and it adopt automatic material input, first flattening, holes punching, servo feeding, cutting to length, conveyor, second flatting, corner cutting and manual punch forming.

    aluminum ceiling panels machine

    Technical Specification

    List item parameter Quantity Remark
    1 Thickness (max) 0.4-0.8mm / Aluminum
    2 Thickness (max) 0.4-0.6mm / G.I.
    3 Size of product (max) 600*600, 300*450, 600*300, 600*1200 mm / Can open material 600×1200
    4 Diameter of hole φ1.8 /
    5 Speed 2-2.5pcs/min /
    6 Max loading weight of decoiler 3T /
    7 Motor of decoiler 3KW 1 set
    8 Motor of first level 3 KW 1 set
    9 Motor of feed material 1.8KW 1 set

    The complete production program is available with the following options:

     Different Size Metal Ceiling Tile

    Our full automatic ceiling tile production line can produce different type of ceiling tile such as 600*600MM clip in ceiling tile, 600*1200MM long aluminum ceiling tiles, 300*300MM clip in ceiling tiles, 595*595MM lay-in Boards and etc.

    metal tile ceiling system

    Different Type Ceiling Tile

    Beside perforated ceiling tiles, we can also use this machine to produce plain ceiling tiles without perforation. Right now it is seeing a rapid adoption of metal tiles owing to the perfect fit it makes with the very typical conditions.

    Advantage Of This Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line

     Long service life

    Tropical climates experiences extreme changes in temperature and humidity, making traditional materials extremely brittle and limiting their lifespan and aesthetic appeal. Metal tiles are not at all affected by these elements and maintain their shape and functionality even under the worst conditions, assuring a long life. All varieties of the 600mm*600mm ceiling tiles can be produced by our machine, including Simple Ceiling Galvanized steel or aluminum sheets are precisely cut and moulded in a single step on cutting-edge, state-of-the-art precision hydraulic presses to create tiles.

    600mm ceiling tiles production line

    Provide Option Of Surface Coatings

    Surface coatings are an alternative for various functional and aesthetic demands, and there are two finishes to choose from: polyester powder coating and epoxy pre-coating in a variety of colors. Specifications Shaped like a rectangle or square 600 mm by 600 mm module Thickness: Metal: 0.6 mm 0.5 mm galvanized steel Lay-in and Exposed T Grid Systems in 24mm and 15mm V-shaped concealed grid system (Clip-in).
    aluminum ceiling tiles

    Diverse Suspended Ceiling Solution

    ceiling tile panels

     Quality Insurance

    KINGREAL has passed ISO9000 certification and has the ability of ISO9000 quality system management. After you ordered, our technical team will test the machine in an effort to insure every mechanical and electrical parts are in perfect condition.


     KINGREAL After-Sale Service

    after sale service

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