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Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Tile production line

Full Auto 60X60CM Square Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line

KINGREAL Full Auto 60X60CM Square Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line is specially designed for the production of different sizes and types of metal ceilings. As a professional manufacturer of panel processing equipment in China, KINGREAL has rich experience in production projects, welcome to contact us.

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     KINGREAL Square Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line Case

    aluminium ceiling tiles

    Description Of Full Auto 60X60CM Square Ceiling Tile Production Line

    KINGREAL 600MM*600mm square metal ceiling tile production line is mainly used for the production of different kinds decoration ceiling tiles and it adopt automatic material input, first flattening, holes punching, servo feeding, cutting to length, conveyor, second flatting, corner cutting, ceiling panels turn and auto punch forming, finished material output.

    metal ceiling tile production line

    The production line has a few operating workers, full automation, high precision, and quick output rates. This is the factory‘s first pick for decorative materials.

     Components List Of Ceiling Tiles Making Machine



    1 Hydraulic Decoiler 1 Set
    2 Precision Leveling Machine 2 Set
    3 Punching Machine 1 Set

    Servo Feeding Machine

    1 Set

    Notching And Shearing Press

    1 Set

     Flipping machine

    1 Set
    7 Metal Sheet Degrease Machine 1 Set
    8 Auto Bending Forming Machine 1 Set

    ceiling panel tiles Machine

    Other equipment optional: Metal Ceiling Perforation Line

    KINGREAL Ceiling Tile Perforated Production Line focuses on the processing production for perforated ceiling. It consists of a series of procedures, decoiler, first time leveling. servo feeding, punching hook hole & hole arrangement, hydraulic cut-off device, conveying belt, second leveling, automatic feeding, hydraulic angle punching, manually stretching forming etc.

    And half part of this production line is fully automatic. As for decorative materials manufacturers, it is always their first choice.

    perforated metal ceiling production line

    It is possible to achieve high machining precision, high processing speed, fewer operators, etc. using this equipment. The equipment combines programmable PLC processors, some of which employ Panasonic, to adopt servo motors. Additionally, the Yaskawa motor and every component from Schneider Electric are used in servo feeding. It is sensitively controlled by it, and the accuracy of the material discharge can reach 0.2mm. It completely substitutes conventional human operation in terms of product precision and prevents out of control situations.

    Diverse Metal Ceiling Tile Solution 

    suspended ceiling panels

     Quality Insurance

    KINGREAL  has established a strict quality control process to ensure that every production step meets the standards and requirements. This  includes raw material procurement, production process, assembly, testing, etc. To ensure that every part of the machine meets quality standards.

    It has also passed the international CE certificate certification.

    aluminum ceiling tile machine

     KINGREAL Technical Team 

    KINGREAL has a professional technical team with more than 25 years of relevant experience from the drawing design to the manufacturing of machines.

    We has established the localized technical support team in Russia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India and etc.. Localized service points in other countries are also in progress.

    ceiling tile production line

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