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U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine

300mm U baffle ceiling making machine line

Machine Name: Automatic 300mm U-Baffle Ceiling Making Machine Line
Products Name: U-Shape Metal Baffles
Products sizes: Width from 20 to 200mm, Height from 25 to 300mm
Automation: ManualA Operation/Full-Automatic Production with PLC
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate
Machine Power: 380V 50HZ or according with customers‘ request
Speed: 0~35m/min, Hydraulic Follow Shearing System
Main Features: Equipped with air cooling system, Famous brand hydraulic system, light curtain safety protection

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    baffle ceiling machine

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    Video About 300MM U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine

    Description Of 300mm U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine

    Our most cutting-edge technology is found in the KINGREAL 300mm U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine, which was created especially for upscale clients like the Hunter Douglas group. This machine is capable of producing U-shape baffles that are up to 300mm tall and 1.5mm thick.

    U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine

    Technical Specification Of 300MM U Shape Baffle Ceiling Making Machine:

    Raw materials

    Pre-painted Aluminum or Pre-painted Galvanized steel

    U baffle ceiling sizes

    Max height: 300mm, Max width: 200mm

    Width and height adjustable

    Automatic servo control

    Maximum forming speed

    35 m / min

    Roll Forming stands

    14 Rollers station

    Machine Power

    ~ 30KW

    Structure of U Baffle roll forming Machine:

    - Hydraulic decoiler

    - Precision leveler

    - Main roll forming machine

    - Follow shearing station

    - Output table.

    - Electrical & Hydraulic system

    baffle ceilling machine


    baffle ceiling machine


    acoustic sound baffles machine

    Decoiler with hydraulic


    KINGREAL offer a hydraulic decoiler and a manual decoiler with an integrated hydraulic core expansion system to adapt to changing demands. Additionally, a trolley option is available for fully automatic metal loading.

    Follow Shearing System at High Speed

    To ensure continuous operation of the entire manufacturing line, we deploy a high speed follow shearing system. Our high speed follow shearing system drives the cutter via synchronous belt to cut and is typically powered by a high-precision servo feeder connected to a planetary reducer. To ensure swift action and reset, the hydraulic component of the cutter is pressurized.

    High speed, high precision, and automation are features of the KINGREAL high speed follow shearing system. The BEST option for high-speed automation is this one.

    acoustic ceiling baffles machine
    hanging acoustic baffles machine
    Unusual Hollow Out Rollers

    We created hollow rollers specifically for the 300mm U baffle roll forming machine to lessen the issue of indentation brought on by the weight of the rollers. This method is especially well suited for machines that make U baffles larger than 200mm.


    Control  System For Strict Machine Quality

    To test various components, our organization has a stringent machine quality control system. For each forming roller—the essential part of a roll forming machine—we will, for example, do a thorough measurement, inspection, and deflection test.


    To ensure that machines and completed goods are accurate, every possible measure will be taken.

    aluminium baffle machine
    aluminium baffle machine

    Superior hydraulic system

    The hydraulic components use a hydraulic system with high energy storage efficiency. Additionally, it uses hydraulic components from Germany or Taiwan. It can be used to quickly punch and shear a variety of roll-formed items.


    We use high-quality imported electrical appliances, such as Japanese Yaskawa NC servo feeder, PLC from FATEK, MCGS touch screens, which can ensure stable and continuous work of our machines.

    acoustic sound baffles machine

     Different Type And Size U Baffle Ceiling:

    acoustic baffle ceiling machine

     Machine Quality Assurance

    hanging ceiling baffles machine

     After-Sale Service

    curved baffle ceiling machine

    How to Provide Installation ?

    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services FOR FREE

     Order Process

    aluminium baffle machine

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